Foresight Research: Automotive Public Relations Rings the Bell

Rochester, Michigan, UNITED STATES

ROCHESTER, Mich., June 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new report is coming from Foresight Research that does a deep dive into the power of automotive public relations. Foresight Research is in the process of interviewing about 5,500 new car and truck buyers to find out how public relations has affected their purchase decision and a bunch of other things. Here are some of the areas that are covered by this report.

  • Key market trends over the past 5 years
  • The public relations business case
  • ROI of public relations – how many cars and trucks did P R sell
  • What buyers were most influenced by P R?
  • Reach (digital, print, events)
  • Value of the ride and drive
  • Extending the impact of Public Relations through social media and word of mouth,
  • Cross marketing with other communications channels (TV, digital, print, etc.)                         

Then there is the subject of messages. We measured what messages were important in the buyer’s decision when selecting their new car or truck. Then we looked what message are most effectively communicated by public relations. Guess what - last year - out that of the top 10 messages influencing the selection of their vehicle, public relations is one of the best ways to communicate 7 of them. We think that is going to happen again.

When it comes to communicating brand imagery, P R is strong. Over the last 3 years public relations has been just about the best way to communicate the all-l important brand reputation. P R earns a gold medal for communicating brands. And for value and quality P. R. also rings the bell- big time - it gets a silver medal.

Much of this information will be published by brands and segments purchased. So, find out how you are doing and find out how you stack up to the competition. This syndicated report will be available soon and since it is syndicated it is very affordable. 

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Since 1998, Foresight Research has been providing consumer insights and data to support strategies and best practices for the automotive industry. We are a recognized leader in experiential marketing and sponsored events, as well as vehicle accessories and marketing.

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