Aqfer and Molecula Partner to Offer New AdTech Solution

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

Innovative Big Data Technologies Provide Faster, More Scalable, and More Cost-Effective Ad Delivery and Analysis for Digital Marketers; partners to host webinar that explores the impact of real-time data analysis for ad/marketing agencies

NEW YORK and AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aqfer, a data-centric marketing architecture platform designed to help digital marketers bring marketing and advertising data back in-house, and Molecula, a cloud data access platform for large-scale advanced analytical workloads, today announced a technology partnership to provide media companies and agencies with a real-time solution that unlocks consumer behavior data with unprecedented speed to power better targeted and personalized experiences.

The amount of consumer data generated by a modern media company is so large that real-time, end-to-end data processing is a universal industry challenge. The joint aqfer and Molecula solution enables companies to collect, execute on, and analyze audience behaviors, activations, and large-scale AdTech data streams instantly. The comprehensive solution uses next-generation technologies, is cost-effective, and eliminates the need for closed third-party platforms.

“Brands, publishers, and technology providers struggle to realize the value trapped in the vast volumes of audience data being created every day,” said Daniel Jaye, CEO of aqfer. “By leveraging Molecula’s ability to power real-time analytical and machine learning workloads, we can now offer a pre-integrated environment that answers large-scale analytical questions in milliseconds by combining data managed in aqfer’s 1st party Marketing Data Platform with other external, internal, streaming, and historical datasets. This is something other query engines and environments have not been able to achieve.”

Ideal for large media companies or agencies managing hundreds of brands, this partnership solution reduces cloud and hardware costs by over 50% and saves more than 80 percent on team resources while improving data query times from 30 minutes to mere seconds. This level of speed and access allows martech teams and ad systems to respond faster and make better decisions about how, where, and when they implement advertising and marketing strategies at the individual consumer level. 

“Now more than ever, marketers need a cost-effective, tailored solution that will collect behavioral data, combine it across multiple sources, and run real-time, ad-hoc queries to maximize personalization and increase advertising success,” said Higinio Maycotte, CEO of Molecula. “Together, aqfer and Molecula will enable digital marketers to understand and interact with their audiences and customers on an entirely new level.” 

The aqfer MDP (Marketing Data Platform) is a data and technology agnostic SaaS offering for the big data marketing challenge. By ingesting and harmonizing raw 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data as it arrives, the aqfer MDP makes data quickly available for attribution, segmentation, and activation utilizing any tool. Molecula’s approach to data access allows enterprises to access all of their data at the speed of thought, reducing the time and cost it takes to go from data to decision. By ingesting and querying large, disparate data sources without the need for pre-processing, Molecula provides analytic access for tasks such as evaluating and visualizing ad performance with context, or combining performance with behavioral data and other relevant data sources across time and location - all in a matter of milliseconds.

On September 9, 2020 at 9:00 AM PT, the partners will host a webinar that explores the impact and benefits of using real-time data analysis in an agency environment. To register please click here

About aqfer
Founded in May 2016, aqfer offers the next-generation enterprise data platform solution that enables companies to get to the truth about their customers and their data. Like an aquifer, the aqfer solution functions as a semi-permeable container that allows for marketing data to be collected from all existing systems, refined and then distributed to the various marketing and advertising platforms to bring personalized, relevant messages to customers. Our mission is to help enterprises adopt Data-Centric Marketing by creating an environment for powerful and agile marketing applications that don’t have to reproduce solutions to common yet challenging marketing problems. The aqfer solution allows the CMO and CTO to have certainty about their data. The company’s solutions today are successfully implemented by a variety of Ad-tech, Mar-tech, and digital agencies, world leaders in their respective industry verticals. For more information, visit aqfer’s website at

About Molecula
Molecula’s Cloud Data Access platform simplifies, accelerates, and improves control over big data infrastructure for advanced analytics, machine learning, and edge/IoT applications. Its unique ability to deliver highly performant representations of large, disparate data sources eliminates the need to pre-aggregate or federate, thus reducing data delivery cycles and data gravity. Global 2000 organizations and application providers rely on Molecula to achieve a data-driven enterprise by accelerating decision-making, enabling real-time customer segmentation, and analyzing large, distributed data sets across any cloud to edge. Molecula is based on Pilosa, an open-source project with 2,000+ users across many tier-one organizations. Molecula has offices in Austin and Palo Alto and was founded in 2017 with a mission to unlock human potential through the power of data. To learn more about Molecula, visit

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