New Book Highlights the Importance of Nurturing and Provides Helpful Steps to Prevent Childhood Trauma

Psychiatrist Leon Petchkovsky provides a men’s instruction guide in ‘Nurturing the Nurturers; Healing the Planet’

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

SYDNEY, Feb. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Society is going through difficult times, from domestic violence to terrorism. These issues have been affecting humankind’s wellbeing. In “Nurturing the Nurturers; Healing the Planet: The Wati Kanyilpai Story,” Leon Petchkovsky identifies the major advances in developmental neuroscience that if there is significant abuse or neglect in the first three years of life, the results can be catastrophic. 

Petchkovsky’s book offers constructive and scientific feedback to manage the first three years of life properly, emphasizing how important it is based on a range of negative behavioral consequences to reduce to a more manageable level. “Nurturing the Nurturers; Healing the Planet” provides ways to eliminate negative behavior in a child’s upbringing by eliminating violence, providing empathy and compassion and applying more positive energy. The author illustrates that compared with other health problems, the burden of child maltreatment is substantial, indicating the seriousness of prevention efforts to address this high prevalence.

Throughout the book, Petchkovsky shares ways to amend lifetime burden by suggesting programs to nurture the nurturers. He draws from his experience of being mentored by Aboriginal elders in Central Australia, where he had to exchange dreams as a part of his training. He shared his dream about the Dreamtime ancestor, Wati Kanyilpai, whose task was to nurture the nurturers, but his domain extended to the entire Planet.

“Wati Kanyilpai begins his global journey from Central Australia, looking after all the nurturers, especially the mothers, human and animal, that nurture their infants.  But his nurturance extends to anyone or anything that cares for other beings,” said Petchkovsky. “He is the antithesis of the hegemonic masculinity that generates so many problems; wars, terrorism, domestic violence, economic and territorial exploitations, and so on.”

“Nurturing the Nurturers; Healing the Planet” is a book Petchkovsky wrote for men, inviting them to accompany Wati Kanyilpai on his nurturance journey. Readers will get a glimpse into the importance of adequate nurturance in the first three years of life, the vast range of physical and psychological problems, massive advances in developmental neuroscience, cascades of distress seen among remote indigenous communities and how these issues can be fixed. Petchkovsky also shares how society can extend this way of nurturing across the world and how in the process, men can become better emotional nurturers by developing better empathy and mindfulness skills to help vulnerable, emotional and interpersonal realms. Not only does he highlight these practices, but he also illustrates that this work cannot flourish in the absence of a coherent national policy on parenthood.

Petchkovsky offers ways to navigate these issues by suggesting Ministries in Early Childhood Nurturance departments help identify parents who are at risk and under stress due to these strenuous times society is in and providing programs that can help develop nurturance skills.  

Ultimately, “Nurturing the Nurturers; Healing the Planet” highlights the vital task to help nurturers as it can lead society to save the Planet.

“Nurturing the Nurturers; Healing the Planet: The Wati Kanyilpai Story”
By Leon Petchkovsky  
ISBN: 9781664100930 (softcover); 9781664100954 (hardcover); 9781664100947 (eBook)
Available at Xlibris, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Leon Petchkovsky earned a degree in Medicine from Sydney University. After graduating from medical school, he spent some time working in Central Australia, where he engaged with Aboriginal people and culture. He later went to England to complete his medical training in Psychiatry. When Petchkovsky decided to come back to Australia, he wanted to dedicate his career to the Aboriginal communities that he once worked with before. He furthered his education by receiving medical training from supportive Elders who taught him the Wati Kanyilpai Dreaming story, which lead him to write his first book, “Nurturing the Nurturers; Healing the Planet.” Petchkovsky spent decades training in multiple avenues to provide the care that was needed for the indigenous community. Ten years ago, he discovered the massive advances in Developmental Neuroscience that inform his current work and the contents of his book.

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“Nurturing the Nurturers; Healing the Planet: The Wati Kanyilpai Story”
By Leon Petchkovsky

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