Bilia acquires another Mercedes dealer, BilDahl AB, with five facilities in northern Sweden

Göteborg, SWEDEN

Bilia has today concluded an agreement to acquire BilDahl AB, an authorised dealer who conducts sales and service operations for Mercedes and for Nissan and Citroën. The business is conducted at five facilities in Umeå, Luleå, Örnsköldsvik and Skellefteå and includes Mercedes cars, transport vehicles and trucks. The agreement is subject to approval by the general agent of Nissan and the Swedish competition authority. Bilia is expecting to take over the operations on1 July 2021.

The business that is acquired reported for 2020 a turnover of about SEK 570 M and an operating profit of about SEK 18 M. The number of employees is about 150. Agreed price for the business amounts to SEK 125 M on a debt and cash-free basis, which will increase the Bilia Group’s capital employed and net debt.

Per Avander, Bilia’s MD and CEO, comments:
”I’m happy that Bilia through the acquisition of BilDahl AB will have the opportunity to grow together with Mercedes in Sweden. Through these new facilities, Bilia is also expanding its operations north in Sweden, to a region that is increasingly interesting.”

Harald Pousette, Chairman of the Board of Norrfordon Holding AB and one of the sellers, comments:
From the founding family’s and Kvalitena’s point of view, we are very pleased that Bilia takes over the baton, and with its competence and experience further develops BilDahl.
With a new strong owner BilDahl can continue the company’s great development, to the pleasure of both customers and employees. BilDahl can together with Bilia take advantage of the great growth opportunities offered by the exciting northern market.

Niels Kowollik, MD Mercedes Sweden, comments:
”We look forward to Bilia as new owner of BilDahl. It’s a very interesting region with great potential for the future of both transport vehicles and trucks as well as for cars. This creates a long-term, strong solution for the company and together it provides good conditions for both existing and new customers.”

Gothenburg, May 25, 2021

Bilia AB (publ)

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Facts about the Bilia Group

Bilia is one of Europe’s largest car dealers with a leading position within service and sales of cars and transport vehicles. Bilia has about 140 facilities in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. Bilia sells cars of the brand Volvo, BMW, Toyota, Renault, Lexus, MINI, Dacia, Alpine and transport vehicles of the brand Renault, Toyota and Dacia.

Bilia offers new and used cars, e-commerce, spare parts and store sales, service and repair workshops, tyres and car glass and financing, insurance, car washes, fuel stations and car dismantling under the same roof, which gives a unique customer offer.

Bilia reported a turnover of about SEK 30 Bn in 2020 and had about 4,700 employees.



Bilia acquires another Mercedes dealer, BilDahl AB, with five facilities in northern Sweden