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Prominent system integration solution providers across the globe include Capgemini, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, HCL Technologies Ltd., Deloitte, Unisys Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Ltd., Dell Technologies Inc., Oracle Corporation, Tech Mahindra, Hitachi Ltd., IBM Corporation, Infosys Limited, Accenture PLC, and AGC Networks Ltd.


Pune, India, June 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global system integration market size is predicted to witness substantial growth during the forecast period as there is an increasing demand to integrate processes to make smooth implementation of new software and various networking tools that enhance corporate connectivity.

Organizations are heavily adopting the concept of virtual network systems wherein all online connectivity systems are brought together within one physical structure. Strong system integration processes are required to fulfil this demand.

Top trends that will foster the system integration market are discussed below.

Cloud-based services to boost Europe market:

System integration market in Europe is projected to become worth $170 billion by 2027. Based on services for system integration, cloud-based solutions will find increased demand among end-users in Europe. They provide consulting services based on the networking needs of the client. If a company wants to switch from traditional network infrastructure to a cloud-based one, then these services help in seamless and efficient transition in this regard.

Cloud-based solutions are ideal for all organizations as they help them in using their resources in an optimum manner and save them the cost of installing physical network systems. They even help bring out the maximum productivity of the organization. These solutions are gaining immense popularity among end-users as they help in the smooth streamlining of processes and execution of different strategies in a cost-effective manner, driving industry trends.

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Europe manufacturing industry to bolster system integration demand:

Manufacturing industries in Europe that are rapidly adopting various system integration solutions such as automation and AI-based services to efficiently manage factory operations. If a manufacturing company is quite huge in its size, then it is bound to have large number of factories as well. All these plants generate tons of information pertaining to various processes and it becomes imperative to keep a close track of these vital pieces of data. This is where system integration services are required as they bring together all the networks under one roof and facilitate seamless exchange of data.

Europe BFSI sector witnesses rising use of contactless payments:

The COVID-19 pandemic had a severe impact on several industries in Europe because of the lockdowns and several movement restrictions imposed by the central governments. International borders were closed, resulting in the complete shut-down of foreign trade. However, one sector that transformed further during the pandemic was the BFSI industry as more and more people were opting for online transactions, whether for business or personal purposes.

There was a substantial rise in the number of contactless transactions being made during this period, which further augmented the BFSI sector progress. These transactions created a lot of demand for strong system integration solutions to facilitate all kinds of online payments in Europe.

Increasing use of ALM in North America market:

North America system integration market size is predicted to go past $200 billion by 2027. Among various applications of system integration solutions, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) will find high adoption. ALM is a software that is gaining popularity among various end-users as it helps in integrating a wide variety of disciplines into fields like testing, project management, quality assurance and many others. It creates a collaborative environment that facilitates effective communication among various teams like testing & operations and software development in the organization, enhancing a company’s overall productivity.

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Rising data security concerns in North America:

Data security is of topmost priority for IT organizations because of the heavy exchange of sensitive company information across various departments through online platforms. This has raised the demand for integrated security software among the end-users. Implementation of this type of software helps the organization in choosing from a wide variety of strong security solutions like intrusion management, video surveillance and unauthorized access controls. There are several IT security consultants that advise companies on a range of security solutions that would help them integrate their systems in a better manner. These aspects will encourage the development of North America industry.

Role of BMS in Asia Pacific market:

System integration market valuation in Asia Pacific will be worth $150 billion by the year 2027. Building Management System (BMS) will experience heavy demand in the region. The countries in APAC are experiencing a period of economic transition wherein several major industries like construction are witnessing rapid expansion. Governments across the region are increasing their focus on new infrastructure projects that will help in the economic development of these nations. BMS helps in controlling and monitoring the various electrical equipment used in buildings like lighting, fire systems, ventilation, energy, and security systems which creates a secure environment for the structures.

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Expanding healthcare industry across Asia Pacific:

The healthcare sector in Asia Pacific is going through some tremendous transformation because of the growth in population and advancements in the industry as well. Providers are implementing digital healthcare solutions to deliver advanced and efficient services to patients. Services like video conferencing, telemedicine and teleconsulting are gaining great traction among end-users in the region.

The medical data received from millions of hospitals has increased the demand for system integration solutions because these data files need to be kept in a robust IT infrastructure to prevent loss of critical data. The solutions will even create smooth coordination between different departments in a hospital for data sharing, fueling the demand for system integration services in APAC region.

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