Browze Garners Second Customer Service Accolade in Two Months

Through multiple initiatives set forth to improve its Customer Satisfaction Score, Browze is setting the standard of service for cross border, online marketplaces

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, Oct. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Browze, an online marketplace for curated lifestyle products, today announced the company has been awarded the Gold TITAN Business Award for the Customer Service Category, in the 2021 Season 2 round. Browze is Canada’s only cross border e-commerce company; the platform works directly with manufacturers to ship products straight from the factory to consumers. The TITAN award comes in addition to Browze’s Silver Stevie® Award in the Customer Service Department of the Year category, announced in August of 2021.

“We’re thrilled to have won another customer service accolade. Anyone in the e-commerce industry knows one of the most noted pain points for consumers shopping online is customer service,” said Izzy Rosenzweig, CEO and Founder of Browze. “To alleviate these issues we invested heavily in staffing and training our customer service department. In addition, we implemented multiple policies and procedures to ensure Browze’s customer journey is the best experience possible. From start to finish, we want to ensure every purchase, and even return, is as smooth as humanly possible for our valued customers.”

In working to improve the company’s Customer Satisfaction Score, Browze implemented multiple initiatives including a ‘live chat’ contact channel for 24/7 customer support and an improved self-service Customer Experience automation platform. Both of these tools help to manage common issues quickly and efficiently, allowing customer questions to be satisfactorily resolved with the click of a button or through a quick chat, significantly reducing the time it takes to resolve a consumer issue.

In addition, Browze introduced a hassle-free refund policy. This policy allows customers to initiate a return or refund for an order seamlessly, and, where applicable, be reimbursed immediately. The company also has a U.S. based warehouse where customers can easily send a return, instead of needing to attempt to ship back to the manufacturer, thus lightening the burden on the consumer and improving the overall shopping experience.

The TITAN Business Awards seeks to recognize business professionals from different fields for their passion and credibility in their work. The TITAN Business Awards, organized by the International Award Associate (IAA), aspire for all professionals to go beyond the status quo, promoting their strategies, cultures, and teamwork to the world. The establishment of TITAN Awards has been an aspiration for IAA to honor and commemorate achievements and recognize expertise in every aspect of business.

“We praise the phenomenal Titan-like accomplishments of a wide range of organizations, from all sectors, and their strong determination to achieve greater heights,” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of IAA. “Holding on through hardships and hassles, we intent to uplift and encourage all businesses, being the advocate of integrity for all corporate professionals across the globe.”

Through Browze’s factory-to-consumer business model, the company cuts out unnecessary steps and reduces costs, keeping prices low and passing the savings along to customers. Since launching its marketplace in 2017, the company has served millions of loyal customers, leading to a 100 percent YOY growth in revenue. In June 2021, the company announced its $12.5M Series A funding round led by Valor Siren Ventures to propel the company forward as it continues to aggressively expand and meet the rising demand for affordable lifestyle products.

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About Browze
Browze is a marketplace that curates unique, low-cost products, directly sourced from factories overseas without having to compromise on quality. Browze is dedicated to selling quality products for your lifestyle at the fairest prices. The team is committed to quality-checking every item on the site, so consumers can feel good about where they’re spending their hard-earned money. For more information, visit

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