Sievi Capital Plc discontinues its performance-based share scheme

Helsinki, FINLAND

Sievi Capital Plc
Stock exchange release, 22 December at 3:40 pm EET

Sievi Capital Plc discontinues its performance-based share scheme

The Board of Directors of Sievi Capital Plc (”Sievi Capital”) has decided to discontinue the performance-based share scheme for its key personnel established in March 2020. In connection with discontinuing the scheme, the Board of Directors has decided to pay cash compensation for the performance periods ending due to the discontinuation to key personnel who have participated in LTI 2020–2022 and LTI 2021–2023 plans initiated thereunder. The total amount of cash compensation to be paid out due to the discontinuation of the scheme is approximately EUR 0.1 million. The cash compensation will be paid out after the adoption of financial statements for the financial period 2022.

The discontinuation of the share scheme relates to the change in strategy announced by Sievi Capital on 15 December 2022. Consequently, the company’s Board of Directors has determined that there are no more grounds for continuing the share scheme established in March 2020.


Jussi Majamaa

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Sievi Capital is a partner for Finnish entrepreneurs. We are on a transformation journey from a private equity investment company into a conglomerate. Our medium-term objective is to become an industrial group built around the business of our target company KH-Koneet Group. Sievi Capital’s share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.