Mobiquity Technologies Unveils ATOS 2.0: Harnessing AI and Bid-Based Learning to Optimize Advertising in an Increasingly Privacy-Centric World

NEW YORK, April 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ) (the “Company”), a leading provider of next-generation data intelligence and advertising technology solutions, announces the addition of powerful new products to its new ATOS 2.0 platform. The enhanced platform harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) and bid-based learning models to optimize ad bidding and targeting, providing a cutting-edge solution for advertisers navigating the challenges of a privacy-centric world where first-party data is becoming a scarce resource.

Dean Julia, CEO of Mobiquity Technologies, commented on the significance of the company's latest innovations: "As the advertising industry faces increasing pressure to respect consumer privacy, the ability to optimize ad targeting and bidding with minimal access to first-party data is becoming paramount. Our ATOS 2.0 platform, powered by advanced AI and bid-based learning models, is designed to tackle these challenges head-on, delivering unprecedented value to our clients."

By using bid-based learning models, Mobiquity Technologies’ AI engine continually trains itself on real-time bidding data, allowing it to predict and optimize ad placements with remarkable accuracy. This innovative approach to ad bidding not only maximizes ROI for advertisers but also minimizes reliance on third-party data, ensuring compliance with stringent privacy regulations.

As AdTech experts, Mobiquity Technologies is keenly aware of the growing importance of AI in the advertising landscape. The company’s ATOS 2.0 platform represents a significant leap forward in harnessing the power of AI to drive advertising efficiency and performance. By continuously refining its algorithms, Mobiquity Technologies’ AI engine is poised to shape the future of advertising, by helping brands succeed in an ever-changing environment where consumer privacy concerns take center stage.

"Our commitment to developing advanced AI solutions is a testament to Mobiquity Technologies’ dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the AdTech space," said Mr. Julia. "We believe the ATOS 2.0 platform is a game-changer for advertisers, enabling them to reach their target audiences in the most effective and privacy-compliant manner possible."

As the industry moves towards greater emphasis on privacy and data protection, Mobiquity Technologies’ ATOS 2.0 platform is well-positioned to become an indispensable tool for advertisers seeking to achieve the perfect balance between consumer privacy and effective ad targeting. With its innovative AI engine and bid-based learning models, ATOS 2.0 represents a bold step into the future of advertising.

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