Prizeout Partners with Tandem; Pays Couples to Split Expenses

In collaboration with Prizeout, expense sharing app now allows couples to cash out their balances for additional purchasing power through 1300+ merchants

NEW YORK, May 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Prizeout Corp (Prizeout), the ad-tech company that turns financial balances into growth solutions, is helping couples make money off what they are already doing - splitting their expenses. In partnership with expense-sharing app Tandem, couples now have the ability to make money on their end-of-month balances and convert to additional purchasing power through more than 1,300 merchants and brands.

“Our value prop is truly helping consumers capitalize on their purchasing power. We’re literally paying couples to split their expenses,” said David Metz, CEO and Founder of Prizeout. “At the end of the week or month, couples can now choose to “settle up” through Prizeout, where they can see an average of 12% shown additional purchasing power on more than 1,300 relevant merchants that have been customized geo-targeted directly to them- and likely, brands they are already using.”

Many modern couples don’t want to have a joint bank account - it’s constraining and inherently not built for unmarried couples from a risk perspective. At the same time, the alternative of constantly (and manually) requesting money from your partner is burdensome. Tandem allows couples to split expenses with a swipe and say goodbye to endless payment requests, mental math, and money fights, and now with Prizeout, couples can use their end-of-month additional purchasing power and rewards towards vacations, new restaurants and other fun shared expenses and experiences.

“Especially with the current inflation rate, we’re beyond thrilled to be partnering with Prizeout and offer our users additional purchasing power on their everyday spend or many trips together,” said Daniel Couvreur, Co-Founder of Tandem. “We built Tandem to create a better option for couples who share finances - a solution without friction, with transparency, and ultimately now, rewards.”

Now, when couples go to their ledger to “settle up,” there will be a button to cash out through Prizeout. Upon clicking, the user will see a list of merchants customized just for them, with the offered additional purchasing power.

"My partner typically owes me a balance at the end of the month,” said Tandem customer Michael Metz. "With the Prizeout option, I love the ability to put the balance on a gift card and receive a bonus to shop at the brands we already use together! It feels like we're working together to increase our budget instead of just depositing the owed funds into my bank account."

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About Prizeout
Prizeout is an ad-tech company that works across the gaming, banking, crypto, gig economy, payroll & finance industries to monetize financial balances. Through exclusive partnerships, Prizeout offers users unprecedented access to bonus offers on popular and emerging brand favorites while providing them with a fast, secure, and curated experience. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in New York City. For more information about Prizeout, please visit

About Tandem
Tandem is an expense-sharing platform that helps couples share expenses seamlessly without needing to send payments back and forth or opening a joint card. Since launching in late 2022, the company has seen explosive growth and has helped couples split tens of millions of dollars in expenses. For more information about Tandem, please visit

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