Nature’s Fynd Meatless Original Breakfast Patties Now Available in Nearly 400 Whole Foods Market Stores Across the U.S.

Expanded Distribution Across the U.S. a Result of Increased Consumer Interest in Fungi-Based Foods

CHICAGO, May 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nature’s Fynd, a food company making meat and dairy alternatives with Fy™, a nutritional fungi protein, has expanded the distribution of its Meatless Original Breakfast Patties to more regional Whole Foods Market locations. The fungi-based brand launched its product at Whole Foods Market just one year ago and has experienced a steady increase in sales as consumers discover the delicious, nutritious, and planet-friendly patties. Now, consumers looking for meat alternatives can add the breakfast patties to their cart at 398 Whole Food Market stores across the nation.

With 11g of protein* and 4g of fiber per serving, Nature’s Fynd Meatless Breakfast Patties are a good alternative for both protein and fiber. Nature’s Fynd Meatless Breakfast Patties also have 75% less fat than pork sausage per serving*. In addition to the nutritional benefits, the company’s breakthrough fermentation method to grow Fy is gentler on the planet, using a fraction of the water, land, and energy required for traditional agriculture.

“We are optimistic that this expanded distribution will allow more people to enjoy our meatless patties and incorporate sustainability into their daily lives when they shop for groceries. We are a purpose-driven company aiming to nourish people and the planet,” said Thomas Jonas, CEO and Co-Founder of Nature’s Fynd.

The high-protein** vegan patties are located in the refrigerated sections of Whole Foods Market stores.

For more information on Nature’s Fynd and to find a store near you, visit natures​fynd​.com and follow @NaturesFynd on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

*Per 70g serving of cooked pork sausage—26g total fat, our patties have 6g total fat.
**Nature’s Fynd Meatless Breakfast Patties have 11 grams of protein per serving (21% daily value).

About Nature’s Fynd
Nature’s Fynd is a Chicago-based food company creating versatile alternative proteins to nourish the world’s growing population while nurturing the planet. Born out of research conducted for NASA on microbes with origins in Yellowstone National Park, the company’s breakthrough fermentation technology grows Fy™. Fy is a new-to-the-world nutritional fungi protein that uses only a fraction of the resources required by traditional agriculture. Its meatless and dairy-free foods launched in grocery stores regionally in late 2021. For more information, visit www​.natures​fynd​.com or follow along on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. The terms ​“Nature’s Fynd,” ​“The Fynder Group,” ​“Fy,” and ​“Fy Protein” are trademarks of the Company.

Additional retail distribution news includes the debut of Nature’s Fynd Dairy-Free Cream Cheese tubs in both Original and Chive & Onion at all Fresh Thyme Market locations, a full-service specialty retailer with 70 stores in 10 states throughout the Midwest. Products arrived on-shelf beginning in May.

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