Upwave Introduces Industry-First Persuadability Scores™ to Auto-Optimize Brand Investment and Drive Higher Brand Outcomes like Awareness, Consideration, Purchase Intent, and More

Upwave’s New Persuadability Scores™ Bring Brand Advertising to the Programmatic Era By Using Real-Time Brand Signals to Feed Into Algorithmic Bidders

SAN FRANCISCO, June 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Upwave, the leading analytics platform for brand advertising, today announced the launch of its new Persuadability ScoresTM – making it possible for the first time ever to auto-optimize live campaigns based on brand signals. Persuadability ScoresTM enable brand advertisers to make granular campaign optimizations based upon actual brand objectives rather than proxy metrics–helping achieve higher brand outcomes.

Until now, only performance campaigns had real-time signals, e.g., clicks, conversions, etc., to feed into bidders, and brand campaigns often relied on mid and post-campaign PowerPoint reports read by researchers to plan the next campaign. Additionally, it hadn’t been possible to auto-optimize live brand campaigns on the open web based on their goals of lifting specific attitudinal metrics because brand campaign measurement did not provide an ongoing, in-flight signal of brand performance. ™

Upwave’s Persuadability ScoresTM revolutionizes the industry by providing this real-time, brand outcome-based optimization signal, developed to be easily fed to algorithmic bidders. In addition, its machine-friendly design reduces adoption friction by integrating seamlessly with the existing programmatic performance advertising stack. As a result, this new metric enables integrated demand-side platforms (DSPs) and media platforms to add as much value to brand campaigns as they have for years to performance campaigns.

Here’s how Persuadability ScoresTM work:

  • Persuadability ScoresTM calculate the expected brand impact of exposure, providing a response variable that algorithmic bid optimizers can optimize towards.
  • Using Persuadability ScoresTM optimizers can learn which bid requests are better opportunities to show an ad that will resonate and change brand opinion.
  • Upwave is the only brand measurement company to recalculate and reweight lift measurements on a daily basis - this is what enables Persuadability ScoresTM.
  • An industry-first, using Persuadability ScoresTM allows for the auto-optimization of programmatic campaigns to maximize brand impact.

“Historically, brand lift only provided advertising decision-makers with proxies to optimize a live campaign to meet brand objectives. Click-through rates are a poor proxy, and down-funnel conversions aren’t relevant in predicting the likelihood of people becoming more aware of brands. This is inadequate in an era where a brand is held to performance standards,” said Chris Kelly, CEO of Upwave. “Now, with our industry-first Persuadability Scores, brand advertisers have access to real-time brand signal. As a result, they can now optimize brand campaigns to directly impact the end brand outcome.”

To learn more about Upwave’s new Persuadability ScoresTM, visit upwave.com/persuadabilityscores

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