GNS Experiences Growth and Success Following its Acquisition by ARG

Leveraging ARG’s industry-leading consulting methodology, GNS expanded its product offerings and adopted a more consistent approach, enabling it to improve the customer experience.

MCLEAN, Va., July 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Florida-based Global Network Services (GNS), an IT services agent primarily focused on providing voice and networking services to businesses located throughout North America, believes its recent acquisition by ARG has contributed significantly to the company's growth and success.

“ARG's platform empowers businesses like GNS to leverage their unique strengths. With the support of ARG's consulting methodology tools and resources, GNS can elevate the customer experience and assist with new product sets,” said Steve Kopp, EVP at ARG. “By seamlessly integrating the ARG playbook, GNS can successfully showcase the vast opportunities available to customers as they progress toward advanced cybersecurity, managed IT, and next-generation technology solutions. As evidence of the increased ability to serve clients’ needs, we have seen a 50% growth in new projects in under ten months, and based on forecasts, we expect to more than double that.”

Sue Messner, Managing Partner, ARG, added, “ARG’s product specialists, board deck, and proven processes have given us a significant advantage when presenting our offerings to clients and referral partners. With the resources and expertise provided by ARG, we are well-positioned to succeed.”

Leveraging the ARG playbook, GNS has grown its business and expanded its portfolio to include more advanced services and solutions, moving beyond the typical circuits, legacy voice, and occasional UCaaS deployments it had been focused on before the acquisition. Messner added, “The coaching and guidance we have received with ARG has expedited our learning curve and allowed us to assist on client projects with product offerings that we would have struggled with in the past. By teaming with ARG, GNS has also been able to amplify our client-first approach. The additional resources deliver a more consistent and exceptional customer experience.”

Investment Boosts Efficiency and Capabilities, Setting GNS Apart from the Competition
The positive impact of ARG's investments is evident in the enhanced organization, professionalism, and capabilities of GNS. “Thanks to the support of the ARG Service team, GNS is now able to save time by delegating daily trouble tickets, after-hours support, and disconnects for a major client,” said Messner. “The Insight Guides, slide decks, and other marketing materials have proven to be a valuable tool for GNS to communicate with clients and potential referral partners.”

The acquisition has also allowed GNS to differentiate itself from the competition, with the depth of knowledge, product availability, resources, and proven processes, showing that GNS is capable of handling larger, more complex projects for their enterprise clients. The vast carrier relationships and product sets in the ARG portfolio allow GNS to assist clients in selecting the best solution tailored to their specific needs.

GNS attributes its successful pursuit of challenging opportunities to exceptional support.
Having a solid support and engineering team behind GNS has allowed Messner and her team to quickly pursue more extensive and complex projects. And as they continue to adopt ARG’s internal processes and procedures, Messner and her team expect these opportunities to multiply.

“We had the relationships and now have the confidence to engage clients on new projects without requiring much ramp-up time,” said Messner. “As a result, we have successfully assisted clients in finding the right solutions for Security Posture Assessment, UCaaS/CCaaS, and mobility management projects. Our journey with ARG has been fantastic, with the team and culture being a significant highlight. ARG's support is comprehensive, with access to designated executive resources and training providing a solid foundation for success.”

Driving success with partners and customers
The ARG playbook has become a significant differentiator in helping partners and agents take advantage of the massive opportunities that are currently available in the IT marketplace while at the same time optimizing the employee and client experience. ARG’s deep bench of business and technology expertise enables agents and partners to successfully engage with and support a broader range of solutions and service offerings.

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