Mezmo Empowers Enterprises to Extract Business Insights from Telemetry Data

New capabilities deliver a comprehensive approach to optimize data usage across the enterprise, empowering SREs and DevOps teams to make informed, data-driven decisions

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mezmo, the leading observability data platform, today unveiled new capabilities to surface critical business insights while reducing observability costs by as much as 70%. Mezmo’s Telemetry Pipeline now includes more integrations, easy-to-use processors, and enterprise controls that deliver a comprehensive approach to optimize data usage, enabling businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Operational telemetry data can be extremely valuable for business, but it has become so voluminous and complex that separating the signal from the noise is nearly impossible. Routing data, with no controls, to traditional tools for analytics is cumbersome and costly. A recent Pulse Report shows that 75% of companies rank data aggregation and summarization as a top priority, believing it would increase resource efficiency and help control spending. Mezmo transforms observability for SRE and DevOps teams, empowering them to filter out noise, dramatically reduce costs, and unleash their telemetry data's true potential.

“Mezmo’s Telemetry Pipeline addresses challenges that have long plagued enterprises in managing telemetry data efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Tucker Callaway, CEO of Mezmo. “Combined, these new features enable a step-by-step approach to decrease data volume and cost while maximizing signals for business insights. Mezmo continues to innovate and deliver solutions to give our customers a competitive edge.”

Mezmo’s Telemetry Pipeline’s new capabilities help users significantly decrease observability costs, expand the usefulness of the telemetry data and improve the performance of their observability platforms.

  • Enabling Business Insights: Mezmo's new Events-to-Metrics Processor identifies and extracts metrics from bulky logs for easy consumption by analytics and visualization tools. This enables better business insights while reducing observability costs. Users can glean insight into metrics, such as abandoned shopping carts, application response times, exposed HIPAA or PII data, failed transactions, network latency, and more, and send such metrics to observability platforms such as Grafana or Datadog.

  • Expanded Integrations: As the Pulse Report shows, enterprises connect to dozens of data sources and multiple observability platforms to monitor their systems. Expanding its integration ecosystem, Mezmo helps customers understand and organize telemetry data for a growing range of observability platforms. In addition to the dozens of existing integrations, Mezmo has added integrations to New Relic and, while expanding support for data ingestion from Prometheus, Splunk, Kafka, and Azure.

  • Enterprise Support: Beyond moving the data, enterprises require telemetry pipelines to support SRE and DevOps workflows. Mezmo has recently added multiple capabilities, such as rollback and redeploy, sequential parsing, error history management, and data sample management, to ensure that multiple teams can take advantage of telemetry data as efficiently as possible.

Mezmo is bringing to market innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for wider access, more control, and easy usage of telemetry data. Visit Mezmo’s website to learn more about how the company is transforming telemetry data pipelines and get started today at no cost. Mezmo will be at Black Hat from August 8-10. Stop by booth #1787 for a live demo.

About Mezmo
Mezmo helps organizations unlock the value of their telemetry data. Cloud native and built for enterprise scale, Mezmo’s platform makes it easier to control costs and take action. Mezmo fuels massive productivity gains for modern engineering teams at hyper-growth startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Mezmo is the sole logging provider for IBM Cloud, where they’ve partnered to drive innovation in observability at hyper scale since 2018. The company has been recognized as one of Forbes’ Cloud 100 Rising Stars, Gartner’s Top 25 Enterprise Software Startups to Watch, CRN’s 10 Hottest Cloud Startups, and Fortune’s Best Small and Medium Workplaces, and it received the IBM Cloud Embed Excellence Award.

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