Image Relay Launches Digital Proofing to Accelerate and Streamline Brands’ Digital Asset Workflows

Fully integrated with Image Relay’s Marketing Delivery platform, Digital Proofing centralizes all digital asset feedback and approvals—expediting creative project management

BURLINGTON, Vt., Sept. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Image Relay, delivering a single source of truth for all digital assets and product information, today announced the launch of Digital Proofing. The new solution streamlines the collaboration, review, and approval cycles for brands’ creative assets. Integrated into Image Relay’s Marketing Delivery platform, Digital Proofing empowers creative teams, marketing departments, and agencies of any size and creative focus to much more efficiently manage projects and deliver campaign results on accelerated timelines.

“We’re excited about Digital Proofing—it offers our customers a visually collaborative environment with very streamlined processes for preparing and refining creative brand assets,” said Jeff Olsen, Director of Product, Image Relay. “With Digital Proofing, teams and brands’ external partners can communicate and collaborate like never before, sharing their exact thoughts and requirements alongside the assets themselves—and it’s all within the Marketing Delivery platform that will seamlessly deploy those completed assets to market. We’re looking forward to seeing how our customers leverage Digital Proofing to increase their digital asset workflow productivity (and reinvest that newfound bandwidth into new creative achievements).”

Teams still relying on manual review processes with long email chains or external platforms have productivity stifled by slow and poor communication, leading to campaign delays. With Digital Proofing integrated directly into Marketing Delivery and Image Relay’s Asset Library, creative asset management and proofing collaborations all happen in one place. Rather than trying to track versions and describe nuanced change requests across emails or written logs, Digital Proofing establishes a single source of truth and allows teams to provide detailed and visual feedback directly to assets—whether that’s an image, video, PDF, or other file type. Teams working with the same asset can easily add comments, visual cues, and timestamps, and tag other editors to call attention to feedback. Empowered by precise and contextual communication, this enhanced project visibility results in highly efficient collaboration across both internal teams and external partners.

“Upgrading from much more manual processes to Marketing Delivery’s modernized, streamlined digital asset management and product information management capabilities is driving our company to around $1M in cost savings and increased productivity,” said Caleb Brown, the Creative Director at Kinder’s Sauces and Seasonings, which makes BBQ sauces, marinades, and grilling spices. “The addition of Digital Proofing into Marketing Delivery will further improve how our teams ideate, perfect, and access creative brand assets. We’re excited about even more digital asset communication and workflow efficiency—enabling us to tell consistent and effective brand stories to the market and our brand partners.”

Digital Proofing includes a powerful versioning feature that enables team members to effortlessly compare different asset versions and review rounds, and to leverage a clear audit trail of past notes and comments. Teams can easily track changes, compare alterations, and implement revisions—enhancing control over the creative process and facilitating more effective decision-making based on accurate and up-to-date information. The solution also eliminates delays and difficulties that would otherwise arise if a decision maker missed an email or wasn’t cc’ed on a message chain: Digital Proofing provides real-time notifications to keep all stakeholders in the loop and informed on project progress.

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