Pasithea Therapeutics Announces Completion of Enrollment and Initial Dosing of Cohort 2 following Positive Safety Review Committee (SRC) Recommendation for PAS-004 in Ongoing Phase 1 Clinical Trial
June 13, 2024 06:59 ET | Pasithea
Pasithea Therapeutics completes enrollment and initial dosing of Cohort 2 in its Phase 1 trial of PAS-004, with interim safety data expected in Q3 2024.
Pasithea Therapeutics to Present New Preclinical Data Showing PAS-004 Strongly Inhibits NRAS Cancer Cell Lines and Demonstrates Superior Activity in Xenograft Studies at 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting
May 28, 2024 06:59 ET | Pasithea
Pasithea to present preclinical data at ASCO 2024 showing PAS-004 superior inhibition of NRAS cancer cells and xenograft tumors compared to current MEKi's
Pasithea Therapeutics Announces PAS-004 Abstract Accepted for Poster Presentation at 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting
April 29, 2024 07:59 ET | Pasithea
Pasithea Therapeutics' PAS-004 abstract accepted for ASCO poster presentation: novel MEK inhibitor shows promise for NF1 and cancer therapy.
Pasithea Therapeutics Announces the First Cohort has Completed the Initial Dosing in its Phase 1 Trial Evaluating PAS-004 in RAS, NF1 and RAF Mutated Cancers
April 24, 2024 07:59 ET | Pasithea
Pasithea Tx (Nasdaq: KTTA) Phase 1 trial on PAS-004 for RAS, NF1, and RAF mutated cancers completes initial dosing, with safety data expected in 2H 2024.
Pasithea Therapeutics Announces Opening of Enrollment in the U.S. for its Phase 1 Trial of PAS-004
February 13, 2024 07:59 ET | Pasithea
Pasithea Tx activates four U.S. sites for Phase 1 Trial of its next-gen MEK inhibitor, aiming to assess safety, efficacy, and biomarker data.
Pasithea Therapeutics Announces Invention of Crystalline Form of PAS-004; Establishes Strengthened Intellectual Property (IP) Position
January 08, 2024 07:59 ET | Pasithea
Pasithea Therapeutics unveils crystalline PAS-004, extending IP protection to 2045 for CNS disorder treatments.
Pasithea Therapeutics Announces FDA Acceptance of IND Application to Evaluate PAS-004 in Advanced Cancer Patients
January 02, 2024 08:35 ET | Pasithea
Pasithea's IND for PAS-004, a novel MEK inhibitor, is FDA-approved for Phase 1 trials in advanced cancer, starting Q1 2024 with early results by Q3.
Pasithea Therapeutics Announces Adjournment of Reconvened Meeting of Stockholders to December 29, 2023
December 28, 2023 17:00 ET | Pasithea
Pasithea Therapeutics (Nasdaq: KTTA) adjourns stockholder meeting again to Dec 29 for voting on charter amendments, after partial adjournment on Dec 19.
Pasithea Therapeutics Announces Results from 2023 Annual Meeting
December 19, 2023 17:19 ET | Pasithea
Disclosure related to the annual meeting of Pasithea Therapeutics (Nasdaq: KTTA)
Pasithea Therapeutics Announces Positive In Vivo Preclinical Efficacy Data for PAS-004 from NRAS Mutation Cancer Xenograft Models
December 11, 2023 08:01 ET | Pasithea
Pasithea Therapeutics (Nasdaq: KTTA) announced positive preclinical efficacy in models conducted ahead of its planned Phase I, in-human trials in 1Q24.