ATLANTA, GA and MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - Oct 8, 2012) - PageUp People™, a Multinational Talent Management solutions provider, today announced the release of its Advanced Analytics solution, an innovative cloud-based platform that delivers advanced reporting and analytics on human capital. Leveraging global HR data, Advanced Analytics provides organizations with the intelligence needed to link human capital metrics to key business indicators.

As today's businesses must contend with shifting market conditions, intensified competition and constant pressure to do more with less under tighter deadlines, multinational organizations across a broad range of industries struggle to understand their workforce data and use it effectively. HR analytics have become vital in capturing the information needed to measure and guide success in managing human capital across the full talent lifecycle and throughout the entire enterprise. Through its new Advanced Analytics solution, PageUp People aims to improve how HR understands and utilizes critical business intelligence about their employees by providing them with advanced reporting and analytics that allow them to be more proactive and make better decisions based on empirical data.

Advanced Analytics includes several new capabilities that enhance the way organizations use their data, such as advanced reporting that provides actionable intelligence regarding all talent management processes. Users can create interactive reports based on this data through an intuitive interface and semantic layer, and these reports can shared with others, printed, exported or used to create high-quality visual slideshow presentations. Users can also access a library of advanced canned reports that give them an enterprise-wide view of their human capital data and the intelligence they need to improve business performance.

The new release provides organizations with advanced dashboards that include user-friendly displays of their key human capital data talent management functions. Advanced Analytics also gives users pre-built, embedded dashboard analytics to conduct ongoing analysis of talent issues and strategies. Utilizing data from the PageUp People Recruiting, Performance, Development and Learning, and Succession modules, the dashboards deliver the insight necessary for maximizing talent investment. Additionally, the dashboards provide a simple way to analyze trends, establish benchmarks and develop informed talent management strategies that evolve with the changing needs of today's labor market.

Advanced Analytics meets the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce by providing robust, mobile-optimized analytics, available on smartphones and tablets. Users can access their HR analytics from anywhere on their mobile devices, allowing them to perform key tasks when and where it is most convenient for them. Additionally, with Advanced Analytics' mobile capabilities, the same content can be developed once and accessible from anywhere and on any device.

"As more organizations expand their hiring beyond borders, they need a comprehensive tool that enables them to see the talent management trends arising throughout their entire enterprises," said Karen Cariss, CEO of PageUp People. "Advanced Analytics allows companies to better understand key human capital data, like the characteristics of high-performing employees, and use this insight to make the decisions that will improve their processes and contribute to continued success. We are very excited to release this groundbreaking solution that will give our clients the competitive edge they need to face the challenges inherent in international talent management."

About PageUp People
PageUp People helps multinational employers strategically align their talent resources to execute corporate strategy across borders, business units, cultures and languages -- maximizing employee value and business results. The PageUp People SaaS-delivered solution unifies Recruiting, Performance Management, Compensation, Training & Development, Career Planning, Succession Management and Advanced Workforce Analytics to help global employers overcome the talent management challenges that are inherent to operating across multiple geographies.

PageUp People solutions support large multinational organizations, including several Global 500 employers and more than 90,000 HR practitioners operating across more than 180 countries from a broad range of industries, including financial services, retail, mining and refining, transportation and telecommunications. PageUp People is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with additional office locations in Sydney, London, Shanghai and Atlanta. Learn more about how PageUp People can help transform your organization's multinational HR initiatives by visiting