Conversica Announces Marketo Partnership and Integration

Marketers to benefit from the company's AI-driven lead conversion software working seamlessly in Marketo's industry-leading engagement marketing platform

FOSTER CITY, Calif., April 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Conversica, the leading provider of lead conversion management software for marketing and sales, announced today that they have integrated their artificial intelligence-driven lead conversion software with the Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform. The company has also joined the Marketo LaunchPoint® Technology Partner Program, and is sponsoring the Marketo Marketing Nation™ Summit 2015 to be held in San Francisco on April 13th-15th. At the Summit, the company will demonstrate live how marketers can add a human touch to their automation through natural, two-way email conversations with all their Marketo leads.

"Marketers today are building long-term customer relationships that advance a conversation over time. To do this, they need innovative solutions that help them engage customers and prospects in a relevant and personalized way," said Lou Pelosi, senior director of LaunchPoint at Marketo. "We're excited to have Conversica in LaunchPoint. The integration of their solution with Marketo's Engagement Marketing Platform empowers marketers with a richer data set about the customer journey to create meaningful marketing programs."

Marketing automation has become necessary for managing multi-channel campaigns, improving engagement and gaining efficiencies in demand generation. However, as marketers add more automation to personalize their lead engagement, they can often deliver the opposite effect, delaying the human conversation with prospects that should reinforce the brand and build an emotional connection to the company. Conversica helps marketers put real conversations back into their automation through personal two-way email dialogs that engage, score and qualify leads based on their responses and the company's proven artificial intelligence lead conversion software.

"We are experts in bringing the human element into automated lead management," says Carl Landers, Chief Marketing Officer at Conversica. "Our partnership with Marketo and integration into their platform brings a very powerful human dimension to marketing automation. Conversica is unique in how we determine a lead's readiness to advance to a purchasing decision. Rather than guess based on demographics, firmographics, behavior and predictive factors, our platform simply asks. Our customers find that leads who engage with them in real conversations early in the lifecycle make a deeper connection, share more information and convert at a higher rate into sales opportunities."

The integration of Conversica's cloud-based AI platform with Marketo enables marketers to easily add personalized email conversations and automated lead qualification into their lead engagement and ongoing nurturing. Marketo users simply connect to Conversica through published APIs, add leads to appropriate lists and let the company's AI platform do the rest. The status of lead engagement, updates on email conversations and detailed records of email dialogs are all updated in real time in Marketo, enabling users to trigger various follow-on activities, including updates to lead scores, updates to CRM lead records and detailed "hot lead" alerts to sales. Conversica dashboards additionally provide key performance indicators across all conversations, including level of engagement with leads, effectiveness of marketing lead sources and performance of sales in lead follow-up.

Attendees at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit can see live demonstrations of the integrated solutions at booth 313 in the Expo Hall. Marketo users can get more information about Conversica in LaunchPoint.

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About Conversica

Conversica is the leading provider of sales conversion management software for marketing, inside sales and sales organizations. Presented as a customized online persona, the application automatically contacts, engages, nurtures, qualifies and follows up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations until the lead converts into an opportunity or opts out. Used by more than 8,000 sales representatives worldwide, Conversica maximizes sales opportunities by optimizing sales team productivity and has helped generate almost $8 billion in sales revenue.

Conversica is a portfolio company of Kennet Partners and is headquartered in Foster City, California.

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