Insights to Empower Positive Change: First Advantage Releases Critical Findings from 2020 Trends Report

Final Installment Highlights Ten Takeaways from Annual Research into Screening Behaviors and Preferences

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA, Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- First Advantage, a global leader in background check and drug screening solutions, today released the final installment in its 2020 Trends Report. The annual research, published in five parts, examines screening behaviors and preferences based on customer responses and aggregate data from more the 71 million global searches across 200 countries and subnational entities performed last year.

In Part 5, First Advantage dives deep into its top 10 takeaways, offering insights to help companies empower positive change through screening, including:

  • Speed remains the highest priority for background screening, followed by risk and cost.
  • Companies are increasingly focused on providing the fastest, easiest experience for their candidates.
  • Companies are becoming more sophisticated, differentiating screening practices by factors such as risk, urgency and geography.
  • More companies are running global screening programs to mitigate risk, regardless of where a candidate will be working.
  • Technology solutions hold the potential to transform hiring by improving speed, quality, cost efficiency and scalability.

First Advantage explored the impact of COVID-19 on screening, reflecting on the magnitude and breadth across industries and providing guidance for navigating pandemic conditions. Looking ahead, the research also considered the post-COVID world and what companies can do to prepare for the possibilities.

Tom Ellis, Executive Vice President of Global Operations for First Advantage, said, “With our annual trends report, First Advantage carefully studies screening behaviors and preferences and breaks our findings out into multiple parts. 2020 has proven how dynamic business can be, regardless of industry or location, something we chose to reflect in Part 5. This final installment puts all of the pieces together, providing valuable insights about the state of screening and giving companies a direct line of sight into what’s happening, keeping COVID in mind. It is an important resource for companies working to forge ahead and build resiliency under these unique conditions.”

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