MeritDirect Features B2B Marketing Best Practices for 2021 in MERITtalks

RYE BROOK, N.Y., Jan. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MeritDirect, the leading provider of B2B data and performance marketing solutions, today announced a powerful B2B marketing content series, called MERITtalks, available as videos or podcasts. The talks are built around delivering real strategic and tactical advice from leading B2B marketers from Red Hat, SAS, Lenovo and others. These executives cover key insights that can help mid-sized and enterprise B2B marketers dramatically improve their performance for growth, achieving strategic goals and digital transformation.

“We are thrilled to welcome thought leaders from across the MeritDirect customer family to share their experience and insight on delivering strategic success for their respective marketing organizations,” said Rob Sanchez, CEO of MeritDirect. “MERITtalks can help any B2B marketer focus on their own goals and outcomes for 2021, offering great practical advice and storytelling directly from the practitioner.”

MERITtalks include the following episodes, which are available for download:

How to Accelerate Growth with an Innovative Revenue Engine
Fran Wilson, Vice President of Global Demand Marketing at Red Hat discusses her innovative and agile approach with her team to drive strong top of funnel performance in 2020 and beyond.

How Keeping an Eye on the “North Star” Aided in Successful Digital Transformation at SAS
Jenn Chase, Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing, at SAS discusses the company’s strategic partnership with Microsoft to help customers accelerate growth through digital transformation and how she created a “north star” plan to achieve her team’s goals.

Transforming Customer Acquisition: A Crawl-Walk-Run Approach To A Winning Strategy
Alex Tinsley, Manager of Global Marketing Programs at Red Hat discusses how change was key to the successful build out of a new centralized customer acquisition strategy and how a cost effective, unified approach to improving their marketing database played a key role in supporting demand gen campaigns.

Building Communities: Lenovo’s Plan to Revolutionize eCommerce
Jennifer Downes, Chief Marketing Officer at Lenovo eCommerce shares insights on her new role, and what she’s learned during the pandemic and some proud accomplishments across enterprise and SMBs.

MeritDirect will also be launching new MERITtalks later in January, continuing the series with IBM and SAP on what digital transformation means for these enterprise organizations.

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