Stack Improvements: InFlight Talks Optimizing the Employee Experience at Spring HR Technology Conference

Easthampton, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

EASTHAMPTON, Mass., March 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

WHO: InFlight Corporation, the award-winning employee experience platform enabling organizations to do more with existing software investments
WHAT: Will present “How employee experience platforms can make your current HR tech stack work better” during the Spring HR Technology Conference and Exposition.
WHEN The conference will run from Tuesday, March 16, to Friday, March 19, 2021.
  InFlight’s session will take place on Thursday, March 18, at 12:15 p.m. ET.
WHERE: The Spring HR Technology Conference will be held virtually. For additional information and registration, visit


Even a tech stack made up of the best HR applications can fall short of expectations. Rather than deliver a consistent, cohesive employee experience, organizations end up piecing together different solutions to span the pre-hire to retire journey. Over time, branding becomes disjointed, employees grow disillusioned and frustration mounts.

During the Spring HR Technology Conference, InFlight will address this all too common scenario and explain how employee experience platforms work to make HR tech more agile. Session attendees will learn what’s needed to improve on existing tech investments and hear how leading organizations are using this approach to provide a better human experience across the workforce.

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About InFlight

To survive and thrive, organizations must efficient and find ways to do more with less. By optimizing existing software investments, the InFlight Employee Experience Platform (EXP) identifies and resolves unproductive bottlenecks that result from overly complicated applications creating friction for candidates and employees. InFlight EXP uses analytics to identify, quantify, and resolve user experience challenges, increasing user adoption, reducing costly training and support requirements, and dramatically streamlining workflows for existing HCM, ATS, financials, and other applications. To learn how InFlight can help your organization, visit