IDG Launches Global ABM Solution Simplifying the Engagement to Sales Activation Process

IDG Popular Demand with Triblio Connects Tech Buyers & Sellers Using Unmatched Global 1st Party Data

Boston, March 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  IDG Communications, Inc. – the world’s leading tech media, data and marketing services company – announces the launch of Popular Demand with Triblio, simplifying the ABM journey from engagement to sales activation for technology marketers. Built on IDG’s trusted 1st party data, targeting capabilities and Triblio’s sales activation platform, Popular Demand with Triblio solves marketers’ challenges, including:

  • Finding and targeting relevant technology and security buyers at the right companies.
  • Surrounding the full buying team with full funnel amplification and demand promotions, driving deeper engagement.
  • Closing the gap between sales and marketing through sales activation.
  • Viewing engagement and activation metrics in a streamlined dashboard, demonstrating ROI.

“Be wherever your audience is. That is the Popular Demand with Triblio promise; surrounding your prospects using IDG’s unmatched 1st party data and nurturing the right buyers through to sales activation,” said Matt Yorke, Global CRO, IDG Communications, Inc. “No matter what your martech stack looks like, our first solution with Triblio will simplify your ABM efforts and drive performance efficiencies against those accounts at a local, regional or global scale.”

How IDG Popular Demand with Triblio Stands Out
This end-to-end solution surrounds, engages and generates leads from target accounts. Additionally, it provides sellers with a tool to activate and engage with accounts.

  • Data / Targeting: Built for a post-cookie world, IDG’s 1st party and intent data is shared directly from IT and security decision-makers as they engage with our content and events. This data is used to surround target accounts where they are looking to learn.
  • Brand Alignment: IDG’s global brands—including CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, Network World—are trusted resources that Popular Demand with Triblio content will be aligned with.  
  • Sales Activation: As the leading ABM platform, Triblio help sellers engage based on the needs, interests and purchase signals of a specific account.
  • Unified Reporting: The dynamic dashboard provides a unified look at the account activity.

Watch this video to learn more.

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About IDG Communications, Inc.
IDG Communications’ vision is to make the world a better place by enabling the right use of technology, because we believe that the right use of technology can be a powerful force for good.

IDG is a trusted and dependable editorial voice, creating quality content to generate knowledge, engagement and deep relationships with our community of the most influential technology and security decision-makers. Our premium media brands including CIO®, Computerworld®, CSO®, InfoWorld®, Macworld®, Network World®, PCWorld® and Tech Hive® engage a quality audience with essential guidance on the evolving technology landscape.

Our trusted brands, global 1st party data intelligence and Triblio platform identify and activate purchasing intent, powering our clients’ success. We simplify complex campaigns that fulfill marketers’ global ambitions seamlessly with consistency that delivers quality results.

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