Account Based Market Intelligence (ABMi) - The Magic Potion for Revenue Opportunities

PUNE, India, May 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Evergreen Marine shipping container’s blockage will surely be one of the unforgettable events of 2021. According to the shipowner, ‘high winds in a sandstorm were the major reason to throw the ship off-track’. The Covid19 Pandemic was the sandstorm that threw businesses off-track in 2020. Every node in the business ecosystem - manufacturing facilities and distribution centers alike - were adversely hit. Besides the revenue-impact, incidents like these highlight the importance of Business Resilience in tackling uncontrollable factors.

All businesses are “Customer-Centric”; but the reality remains that though customers are the nucleus for all business strategies, the real knowledge of a customer’s pain-points and unmet needs is less than stellar. Only a few organizations run campaigns to understand the customer needs. The larger failure in converting prospects into customers lies in the inability to understand the customer-ecosystem and rightly position the products and/or services with the nexus established with customer needs.

Account-Based Marketing or ABM drove marketing activities and customer outreach for more than a decade with great results. However, the dimensions of ABM are in need to be bolstered with Ideal Customer Profiling, Relevancy Mapping, Market Intelligence, Customer Experience Mapping, Competitive Intelligence, and Business Objectives Mapping to become more effective.

In the words of G. R. Viswanath, the CEO of AviraInsights, a revenue consulting company that is steering the ABM evolution, “ABM just scratches the surface, while the sales-impact lies hidden in the answers that Avira unearths with its unique and innovative ABMi™ or Account-Based-Market-Intelligence™ approach”.

A sales-transaction is not just a handshake between two individuals. It is a concomitance of business rationale, market dynamics, short-term and mid-term objectives, and overall organization goals. This is where companies like AviraInsights are proving their mettle. Improvising ABM by adding the layer of Market Intelligence, Avira is paving the way for an evolved approach towards ABM.

Avira’s ABMi™ or Account-Based-Market-Intelligence™ holistically answers questions like:

  • What are the pain-points and challenges of a prospect?
  • What unmet needs would drive efficiency in the prospect’s business operations?
  • What are the fire-fighting activities and pressing needs of a prospect?
  • Which chasm is the business function and role aiming to cross on priority?
  • What are the relevant focus areas of Market Research?
  • What is the spend pattern and projected budget?
  • What are the vendor evaluation metrics?
  • What escalation points evoke high sensitivity?

The Account-Based-Marketing-Intelligence (ABMi™) approach of Avira provides answers to these and many more imperatives. The most pioneering deliverable of ABMi™ is a Research-Qualified-Lead™ or RQL™ which is the most premium and deepest funnel lead.

Avira’s Co-founder and Director, Rohan Salgarkar, said “Encompassing all decision-impacting nodes of a prospective client, Research-Qualified-Leads™ (RQLs™) are delivered with a deep-dive 30+ parameter analysis for every lead and prospect evaluated, making them an inevitable armory to attack sales targets.”

Being a Market Intelligence firm first, Avira has a comprehensive understanding to act as a catalyst in a sales-transaction. Last year alone, Avira delivered $300 million revenue impact to 10 companies, most of them from Technology sector. Avira achieved this through its ecosystem philosophy, where every node of the ecosystem is the nucleus for its own business-ecosystem.

In collaboration with TechConnectr, a Lead Generation marketplace of and for best-of-breed B2B marketers, agencies, publishers, and solution providers, Avira provides solutions for every stage of the business lifecycle.

Principal and Cofounder of TechConnectr, Bob Samuels, known as a 'connector' & sales-enabler in the B2B targeted marketing ecosystem with 20+ years of experience working with agencies, enterprise marketers, publishers, channel partners, and predictive and data players, worked closely with Avira to discover the power behind ABMi™.

According to Bob, “Over the years, B2B content syndication lead generation has become a bit of a commodity. Avira’s RQL™ or Research-Qualified-Leads™ based on their ABMi™ is a game-changer. We are able to utilize the ABMi™ insights to target just the accounts that make sense to go after; with the applicable prioritization, focused talking-points, and compelling calls-to-action.”

Avira’s real-time market intelligence tool, FABRIC, is a Tech-first platform that integrates trends, market size and forecast, Primary interviews, and competitive intelligence to more than 5! data slices for each ecosystem. Using ML and a proprietary research methodology, FABRIC has consulted its 60+ clients in tracking new revenue opportunities.

With the perfect blend of Market Research, Company Research, Persona Research, Marketing activities, Benchmarking studies and in-depth gap-analysis, Avira’s ABMi, rejuvenates the velocity towards revenue growth!

Note: Account Based Market IntelligenceTM or (ABMiTM) is trademark of AviraInsights.

About AviraInsights Technologies:

AviraInsights is a market intelligence company. We have synergised our strengths of Information Technology, Consulting and Market Research to build our proprietary platform that helps our clients in effective decision making. Driven by a vision to be a one-stop business partner to all the growth and expansion plans of its clients, AviraInsights has built an alliance base to make the Intelligence-data not just academic, but actionable. Understanding business in its entirety on the back of the decades of experience of the Management team, the company strives to empower its clients by providing an Access to research, Analysis of key dynamics, Evaluation of market data, Application of it to business objectives.

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