Adikteev launches predictive analytics suite to cover entire user lifecycle for a post-IDFA world

PARIS and NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO, July 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adikteev, the leading software and services provider for performance-driven app marketers, announced today it has launched its first software venture: a new predictive analytics platform designed to help app publishers strengthen revenue while maintaining a highly engaged audience.

Adikteev’s new suite of predictive analytics innovations is the result of extensive research on how to help app marketers maintain revenue while dealing with challenges associated with reduced Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) collection.

“Changes made to the ad-tech ecosystem, not the least of which being iOS 14.5, have presented a unique challenge for re-engagement partners,” said Xavier Mariani, co-founder and CEO of Adikteev. “We need to grow and evolve with ad tech’s changing landscape. This SaaS-based platform is Adikteev’s latest advancement to help marketers gain more insights for their user acquisition (UA) campaigns.”

“Unlike many of our peers,” Mariani noted, “Adikteev is offering its granular LTV and CPI prediction services for free. We are laser-focused on helping marketers achieve a higher degree of competitive advantage.”

Creating an Advantage Even Without IDFA

In June 2020, Apple announced that it would implement an opt-in system for ad tracking, sending the app industry into panic. As it stands, marketers will soon lose out on key information—and profits—from users who opt-out, prohibiting them from distributing personalized ads. Adikteev wanted to get ahead of the situation.

Adikteev has been working extensively on its predictive analytics capabilities to assist publishers who are without extensive data science resources (or who do not have the necessary data) to build accurate models. Adikteev’s machine learning models embedded in an easy-to-use predictive platform offer simple but powerful products, used to predict user LTV and optimal CPI, helping publishers reach their ROAS goals.

For publishers that desire to go the extra mile, additional advanced features already in use by Adikteev’s top app publishers will soon be available to all publishers. These features allow publishers to focus their engagement strategy on predicted high-value users and identify users who are likely to churn in the future. With this data, publishers can shape the best marketing strategy including engagement and retention campaigns. Together, the platform helps increase revenues and increase the likelihood that users will remain active within the app.

“We want to guide our customers and partners through the transition of reduced IDFA in order to help them hit the ground running,” Mariani said. “We are uniquely positioned to make great strides in this market after spending the last five years building the exact same models for our own campaigns.”

Adikteev’s predictive analytics innovations for UA are available now to all app publishers, completely free of charge.

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Adikteev is the leading software and services provider for performance-driven app marketers. We help the world’s top-spending app publishers increase retention, reacquire churned users and drive incremental revenue. App marketers rely on us to deliver made-to-measure strategies, creatives and algorithms. Adikteev works with leading app companies like Product Madness, Belka Games, Joom and Showroom Privé. By combining science and creativity, we deliver best-in-class playable and interactive ads paired with top retargeting tech. We believe in creating a unique strategy for each client based on data to provide measurable and transparent results that increase user LTV and fuel business growth. Adikteev is #10 among Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 fastest growing companies and was ranked among the world’s top retargeting partners two years in a row by the AppsFlyer Performance Index. Our 83 employees are located in Paris, New York and San Francisco.

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