Iterable Surpasses 1,000 Customers Using Its Platform Around the World

Record growth validates Iterable’s position as the leading customer activation platform and the most trusted solution by marketers to power customer loyalty and connection.

San Francisco, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Iterable, the leading customer activation platform that helps businesses deliver joyful experiences with harmonized, individualized, and dynamic communications at scale, today announced that they have surpassed 1,000 brands using its platform around the world. In the nine years since its founding, Iterable has rapidly built its customer base across a multitude of industries, including financial services, retail, healthcare, media, and more, by empowering the marketing practitioners using its platform with the ability to build deeper relationships with consumers.

“This is an incredible milestone for our team, who has remained committed to creating joyful experiences for businesses and their customers around the world,” shares Andrew Boni, co-founder and CEO of Iterable. “We continue to deliver on our mission of connecting people with products that bring them joy, and today’s milestone is a testament to our innovation, and strength in delivering on the number one priority for our customers: connection. I’m proud to say that we’ve built a loyal community of over 1,000 phenomenal brands who champion our platform and our people, and I’m excited to accelerate our growth and increase our momentum.”

At a time when consumer expectations are rising, positive experiences sit at the heart of a company's success. Marketers need a comprehensive platform to help deliver more meaningful connections to consumers through joyful experiences. However, many businesses suffer from internal data silos that hinder a complete and real-time view of their customers, making it difficult for them to create consistent and memorable experiences at scale. Built to store, process, and activate massive amounts of consumer data (Iterable currently stores 1.45 petabytes of data), Iterable compliments the work of today’s marketers, helping them create memorable communications that express the uniqueness of their brand and build meaningful and lasting connections.

Iterable has earned a reputation as a trusted partner to brands across a multitude of industries and geographies, including:

  • Cinemark, an American movie theater chain that started operations in 1984, partnered with Iterable in 2019, hoping to reengage their churning customer base when the media landscape transformed during the pandemic:

    “Our focus has always been on creating a seamless and meaningful experience for our customers,” shares Anna Bayacal, Senior Manager, Digital Communications at Cinemark. “With Iterable, we are able to quickly adapt our communications to our customers’ changing needs, and optimize our strategy and processes to ensure we continue to exceed their expectations. It's critical to have a partner we can count on as we continue to evolve our customer experience.”
  • Jersey Mike's, one of the fastest-growing chain restaurants in the United States, partnered with Iterable in 2019 to double down on their digital strategy during the digital acceleration: 
    “With Iterable, we are able to capture and activate all of our user data, ensuring that we continue to deliver an optimized, and personalized experience for our customers,” shares Kelly McGee, Director of Digital Marketing at Jersey Mike’s. “By proactively investing in our mobile app experience, we’ve been able to capitalize fully on the rise of digital ordering in the last few years, and foster long-term loyalty with new customers.”
  • MeUndies, a fast-growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) underwear, and loungewear brand, partnered with Iterable in 2021 to ensure they could support their rapidly scaling user base:
    “At MeUndies, we’re always thinking about how we can create best-in-class experiences that keep active customers excited about the brand and product, and give lapsed customers a reason to come back,” shares Alyssa Aquino, Senior Retention Marketing Associate at MeUndies. “That's why we're focusing on growing our capabilities, and optimizing our outreach, in channels like SMS and email, which yield high customer engagement. Thanks to Iterable’s expansive SMS offerings, ease of use, drag-and-drop-functionality, and efficacy, we’ve been able to consistently deliver on the promise of a best-in-class experience for our users, building a loyal, committed, and connected customer base.”
  • Secret Escapes, a members-only British travel company offering huge discounts and great deals on hand-picked luxury hotels and holidays, partnered with Iterable in 2021. With Iterable’s support, Secret Escapes continued to thrive in the face of massive headwinds from COVID-related travel restrictions that greatly affected their industries:

    “There’s a lot to consider when scaling a business internationally, especially with the challenges the travel and hospitality industry faced during the pandemic,” shares Jennifer Lang, Chief Customer Officer at Secret Escapes. “However, with Iterable’s powerful data activation and message automation capabilities, we were able to spend less time worrying about execution, and more time creating content that would keep our customers engaged. Importantly, we are able to segment our users with unparalleled precision, allowing us to build highly-specific engagement campaigns that yield high returns for our brand.”

In today’s complex and ever-evolving marketing landscape, Iterable customers are supported by a community of like-minded marketers and an ecosystem of trusted partners who provide strategic and technical guidance. This partner ecosystem includes agencies like Indicia, Mammoth Growth, Ragnarok, Shaw/Scott, and Tinuiti, all of whom play a significant role in supporting the customers' diversified and expanding needs. To fuel continued growth and as an investment in solutions partners, Iterable has launched the Partner Cooperative, a program designed to enable Iterable platform mastery, connect customers with a network of experts and advisors, and empower the success of partners and mutual customers.

Recognized this year as one of America’s Best Workplaces by Inc. and one of America's Best Startup Employers by Forbes, Iterable is not only the platform but also the team of choice regarding customer connection. Iterable was recently named one of America’s fastest-growing companies; its workforce grew by over 61% in the last year. Today, the company has over 700 global employees, all of whom contribute to the company’s thriving ecosystem of customer support and thought partnership.

Fueled by the success and support of its community, Iterable will continue to expand the capabilities of its customers, and empower marketers with the digital tools they need to connect with consumers in any circumstance around the world.

About Iterable

Iterable is the customer activation platform that helps brands deliver joyful experiences at massive scale. With Iterable, marketers can create, optimize, and measure every interaction taking place throughout the customer journey. Leading brands, like Zillow, DoorDash, Calm, and Box choose Iterable to build customer-centric experiences at scale by delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time. Visit for more information.