Landmark Study by Prime Chief of Staff Reveals Core Competencies of Effective Chiefs of Staff

Proprietary research uncovers the nine specific characteristics that distinguish effective Chiefs of Staff and drive improved leadership performance and productivity

DENVER, Aug. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prime Chief of Staff, the nation’s premier advisory firm providing full-service Chief of Staff solutions for executive leadership, announced today results from a landmark study revealing the core competencies that distinguish effective Chiefs of Staff and drive improved leadership performance.

Based on a study conducted by employment researcher PSP Metrics in partnership with Prime Chief of Staff, the study identified nine specific competencies that enable Chiefs of Staff to play a transformative ‘right-hand role’ in executive offices across diverse organizations and industries. Findings from the research study are published in the eBook, “Elevating Your Organization’s Executive Leadership,” available here.

“This groundbreaking study confirms what we have seen across multiple successful Chief of Staff placements: high-performing Chiefs of Staffs bring to bear a suite of uncommon characteristics to achieve exceptional outcomes for their organizations,” said Catherine Berardi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Prime Chief of Staff. “The research identifies the specific character traits that can lead to significant – even transformative – improvements when a vetted Chief of Staff joins the executive office.”

The new research reveals that nine core character traits or competencies, rather than conventional credentials or experience, define and drive the success of a Chief of Staff. Together, these competencies create a holistic framework that enables leaders to become more impactful and executive offices more productive.

“With only nine percent of executives saying they’re highly satisfied with how they spend their time, organizations are struggling to position their executive offices for success,” Berardi said. “Our research confirms the critical importance of identifying, sourcing and activating the unique characteristics of a Chief of Staff to attain verifiable improvements in leadership performance.”

As noted in the Harvard Business Review’s “Making the Case for a Chief of Staff,” a Chief of Staff’s primary duties are to make time, information and decision-making more effective. Military and political leaders have traditionally sought the support and capabilities of a strong Chief of Staff. Today, the role is increasingly found in executive offices, helping leaders succeed by managing information flow, maximizing time use and facilitating strategic planning and implementation.

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