SANDSIV and IAM Partner to Speed CX Adoption in the Caribbean

Enabling Joint Customers in the Experience Economy to Thrive with Comprehensive Technological and Service Innovations

ZURICH, Switzerland, July 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SANDSIV, a leading provider of CX and Voice of Customer technology, has established a strategic partnership with Island Analytics & Marketing (IAM), a company focused on customized data-driven solutions in the Caribbean.

In today's intricate business landscape, enterprises face the pressing challenge of declining customer loyalty and satisfaction, leading to diminished profitability. To flourish in this environment, organizations must prioritize the delivery of exceptional experiences while optimizing resources. By cultivating people-centric interactions that genuinely understand and prioritize customer needs, businesses can gain a competitive edge.

Through the seamless integration of SANDSIV's advanced CX and Voice of Customer technology, sandsiv+, with IAM's expertise in Customer Experience services, this partnership aims to provide affordable, innovative, and personalized solutions to organizations across the Caribbean. With sandsiv+ enhanced capabilities in real-time listening, prediction, engagement, and optimization, businesses can optimize customer experiences and drive business growth.

Furthermore, IAM's profound understanding of the Caribbean's unique cultural, socio-economic, and policy landscape empowers them to offer diverse data-driven solutions. From customized polling and interviews to focus groups, market analysis, and comprehensive customer experience services, IAM delivers tailored approaches that cater to entities of varying sizes operating or seeking investment opportunities in the Caribbean.

By combining their strengths and expertise, SANDSIV and IAM are poised to revolutionize the CX landscape, providing enterprises with the tools they need to thrive in today's competitive market.

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Commenting on the alliance, Alejandro Conejero, Global Partnership Manager of SANDSIV, said: “This new partnership marks a significant step forward in our dedication to support organizations throughout the region. By providing access to an end-to-end technology solution that enables authentic customer connections at scale, we are thrilled to embark on this journey together. Anticipating a wealth of opportunities, we are poised to deliver unparalleled benefits and cultivate lasting customer trust and loyalty.”

Richard Dorsey, CEO of IAM, added: “We are incredibly excited for this alliance: excited for the empowerment of our customers; excited about expanding our capabilities with a tier 1 solution in the VoC space; and excited to better fulfill our mission to improve Caribbean Customer Experience and provide the data to make doing business in the Caribbean a paradise.”


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SANDSIV is an innovation leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM) enterprise solutions. With its cutting-edge sandsiv+ CXM software solution, SANDSIV empowers businesses worldwide to deliver differentiated customer experiences and foster long-lasting customer loyalty. The company's commitment to excellence and innovation has enabled it to expand its partner program and establish a world presence that is constantly growing. |

IAM is a dynamic and forward-thinking company that firmly believes in the power of a seamless connection of all information, experiences, and skill sources for collective success. As a leading force in the 'Data Revolution' in the Caribbean, IAM harnesses its extensive cultural and historical knowledge of the region to enable businesses, governmental entities, and non-profit organizations to drive data-driven and foster innovative solutions in the Customer Experience field and beyond. |

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