TUAC 501
The patience of union members at Lufa Farms in Laval finally rewarded!
29 janv. 2024 12h08 HE | UFCW Canada
MONTREAL, Jan. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 501 (UFCW 501), is proud to announce the signing of the first collective agreement for union members...
TUAC 501
La patience des syndiqué(e)s des Fermes Lufa de Laval enfin récompensée !
29 janv. 2024 12h08 HE | TUAC Canada
MONTRÉAL, 29 janv. 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Le syndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses unis de l'alimentation et du commerce, section locale 501 (TUAC 501), est fier d'annoncer la signature...
Urgent reforms needed for migrant agricultural workers, says food workers’ union in new report
29 janv. 2024 07h00 HE | UFCW Canada
UFCW Canada is calling for urgent reforms to protect the health, safety and rights of migrant workers in a new report.
Industry-Leading Agr
Industry-Leading Agreement Reached for 26,000 UFCW Grocery Workers Across Ontario
22 déc. 2023 15h28 HE | UFCW Canada
Nearly 26,000 unionized retail grocery workers across Ontario have ratified a historic industry-leading collective agreement.
Beer Store Union Responds to Government Announcement
14 déc. 2023 13h57 HE | UFCW Canada
The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 12r24, the union representing Ontario’s Beer Store 6500 workers, responds to the Ontario Government’s a
UFCW 1518
Workers at Sephora Kamloops to Hold Strike Vote Ahead of Christmas
14 déc. 2023 13h37 HE | UFCW Canada
Workers at North America's only unionized Sephora are gearing up to hold a crucial strike vote , ahead of the Christmas and Boxing Day rush.
UFCW 247 logo
Never Again December 6 Annual Shoe Memorial honours victims of gender-based violence
01 déc. 2023 11h05 HE | UFCW Canada
UFCW 247 is hosting the annual National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women Shoe Memorial in Vancouver on December 6
B.C. Government takes the first significant step in legislating rights for app-based workers in Canada
16 nov. 2023 16h45 HE | UFCW Canada
UFCW Canada welcomes today’s announcement regarding rights for app-based workers in British Columbia.
Rally in support of striking video game workers advocating for a more just industry
06 nov. 2023 15h30 HE | UFCW Canada
Striking video game workers will be hosting a rally on Tuesday, November 7, outside of the BioWare offices at Epcor Tower in downtown Edmonton. The group w
Canada’s first unionized game developers vote unanimously in favour of strike action
23 oct. 2023 15h38 HE | UFCW Canada
Members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401 (UFCW Canada Local 401) working at Keyword Studios in Edmonton have unanimously voted in favour