Nextra secures Internet customers

Fornebu, NORWAY

Securing Telenor Internet subscribers, Nextra will cooperate with American-based Symantec on delivery of software for Internet security. The deal comprises the majority of customers with Online-subscriptions. Existing Pluss-customers will have access to the security application Norton Anti Virus, while Total-customers additionally will receive Norton Internet Security. The solutions guaranty a safer use of the Internet for Nextra customers, who at any time can update their software with the push of a button.

«We take our customers security seriously and want to stay one step ahead. It is our strategy to continuously improve and adapt new and better services for our customers. We have because of this chosen to cooperate with Symantec to be able to offer our customers an increased security solution
for their computers.», says Nextra's CEO Morten Lundal.

Safe mail
Enabling continuous updating from Symantec’s databases, Nextra customers can rely on the software to contain the latest information regarding virus. Norton Anti Virus scans electronic mail and attachments for harmful elements, and will uncover virus in compressed files. Users do not have to worry about opening mail with a harmful content. This technology also makes it possible to discover new types of viruses, as well as scanning the saved material for earlier virus-attacks. Norton Internet Security 2000 secures the computer against attacks from hackers, using a so called firewall, and enables filtration of websites containing unwanted material for children.