Wireless Zones from Telenor - Now Available to all Mobile Subscribers


OSLO, Norway, Nov. 30, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Telenor is making more than 400 wireless WLAN zones available to all mobile subscribers.All Telenor mobile customers with invoice-based subscriptions may log on to Telenor Wireless Zones using their own mobile number as their user name, and the same password that they use when accessing Mine Sider at www.telenormobil.no. Customers on prepaid subscription plans and customers registered with other mobile operators may now also access Wireless Zones via an easy-to-use SMS service.

Wireless Zones all over Norway

Wireless Zones provide Internet access to users with laptop PCs with WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) access. Most modern laptop PCs are equipped with such access. Telenor has therefore established Wireless Zones at selected locations all over Norway, at airports, hotels, conference centres, boat harbours and Statoil service stations, more than 400 zones in total. Coverage maps and more detailed information about the service is available on www.telenor.no/bedrift/wlan

What does it cost?

For customers with Telenor mobile subscriptions, access to Wireless Zones is included in their monthly rate. Subscribers only pay for the amounts of data transferred; regardless of whether this is e-mails or web page access. When a web site has been downloaded, users may read through it without any additional cost.

 Traffic Rates Wireless Zone

 Type of
   subscription  Up to 20MB     20-50MB         Over 50MB
 Business        NOK8,07 perMB  NOK6,45 perMB   NOK 3,23 perMB exl VAT 
 Consumer        NOK10,00 perMB NOK8,00 perMB   NOK 4,00 perMB inc VAT

A maximum daily rate has also been introduced, ensuring that subscribers logged on through their mobile subscriptions are never charged more than NOK 120 per day (excl. VAT), regardless of how much data is transferred. Correspondingly, the maximum rate per month will never exceed NOK 900 (excl. VAT) regardless of traffic volumes. High volume users are also offered the supplementary service Fixed Price Data. All use of Wireless Zones is included in Fixed Price Data, and users are only charged NOK 469 per month (excl. VAT) for all domestic data traffic, whether this is via mobile (GPRS, EDGE or UMTS) or Wireless Zones. Fixed Price Data with Wireless Zone is only available with Business Subscriptions.

Access to all via SMS

Customers on prepaid subscription plans and customers registered with other mobile operators may also log on to Wireless Zones. Customers may order 15 or 30 minutes of Wireless Zone access time by sending text messages TS 15 or TS 30, respectively, to 2000. User names and passwords that will facilitate log on will then immediately be sent via SMS. Users of this service will be charged NOK 30 for 15 minutes and NOK 60 for 30 minutes of access time.

Logging on to Wireless Zones

Most modern laptop PCs are equipped with WLAN cards. In order to access the Internet, users need to make sure WLAN is activated on their PCs, and then start their web browsers.

-- Start the web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer)

-- Search for an Internet address, e.g. www.online.no

-- The logon page for Wireless Zone will automatically appear on the screen

-- Enter user name and password and select Logon

-- You have been logged on to the Wireless Zone and Internet access is secured

For more information, please contact: Head of Information Arild S. Johannessen, Business Market, Telenor, Tel: +47 481 91 921 Head of Information Atle Lessum, Consumer Market, Telenor, Tel: +47 415 05 645