COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - August 19, 2009) - CallCopy, a leading provider of innovative call recording, quality management and performance management solutions, today introduced the cc: Insight Platform, a real-time performance management system. The customizable solution provides a flexible platform for executives and managers to view and respond to actionable data in a quick and concise manner. cc: Insight is offered as an integrated part of cc: Discover, CallCopy's suite of contact center solutions.

The cc: Insight Platform consists of pre-built dashboards, reports and communications tools that can be leveraged across the enterprise. The cc: Insight Dashboard component ensures that critical information is distributed to the right people at the right time. Real-time performance metrics are delivered through a highly customizable interface, which can be displayed on TV screens and supervisor or agent desktops. Additional components allow content to be viewed on mobile devices and smart phones, providing real-time updates anytime, anywhere.

"A contact center has many moving parts, and it can be difficult to ensure that everyone -- executives, managers and agents -- has access to timely, accurate information," said Tarne Tassniyom, chief technology officer of CallCopy. "The cc: Insight Platform is a content-delivery system that provides management with an efficient way to digest information and effectively communicate in real-time with specific users, groups or the entire organization. In addition, cc: Insight empowers agents to perform self-assessments to quickly gauge their performance against that of their peers, as well as have access to key metrics and information that will help them improve their effectiveness and efficiency."

Content displayed within cc: Insight Dashboard can be customized by leveraging a library of pre-built widgets included with the system. Each widget is designed to deliver a different type of information, such as quality assurance metrics, call data and group performance figures to supervisors, agents or groups. Among the standard widgets provided by CallCopy are the following:

--  Quality Assurance (QA) Metrics -- Display the agent's recent QA
--  Customer Satisfaction -- Survey-driven customer service metrics;
--  Call Metrics -- Display call volume and average handle time on an
    hourly, daily, and weekly basis;
--  Group Metrics -- Display overall group metrics. Useful for supervisors
    and agents who can use the data to baseline themselves against the rest of
    their groups.

Tassniyom added, "Among the key benefits of the cc: Insight Platform is its flexibility, which allows it to be customized for individual environments. In addition to using the standard widgets, organizations can leverage the included software development kit (SDK) to build and share custom widgets. IT teams can use the SDK's platform documentation and sample code to extend the cc: Insight Platform by incorporating information from a variety of sources -- even from outside of the CallCopy product suite."

CallCopy will be demonstrating the cc: Insight Platform at the 2009 ACCE Conference & Expo on October 7-8, in Las Vegas, NV. For more information about how the new performance management solution can benefit your organization please contact CallCopy at 888.922.5526 or visit

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Through its commitment to the highest standards of customer and employee satisfaction, CallCopy has established itself as a leading provider of innovative performance management solutions. The highly scalable, award winning cc: Discover Suite delivers advanced call recording, screen capture, quality management, speech analytics, customer satisfaction survey and workforce management capabilities to contact centers, trading desks, financial institutions and healthcare providers worldwide.

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