SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 9, 2011) - Mashery, the leading provider of API (Application Programming Interface) management and strategic services, is celebrating Social Media Week by recognizing some of its leading customers that are changing the social media landscape. From well-known applications like Klout that measures your online influence to innovative self-publishing site that turns your tweets into Twournals, these companies trust Mashery to manage the APIs that keep the fresh data flowing among applications and communities. In honor of Social Media Week, February 7 - 11, Mashery will share quick tips and best practices from some of its leading social media customers.

Social media has quickly become a realistic and important channel for all businesses to reach their customers and the unprecedented amount of data that is generated has become the center point for a new generation of applications and companies. In 2010 Twitter logged an unprecedented 25 billion Tweets and added more than 100 million new registered accounts(1) which is still dwarfed by Facebook's 500 million accounts and more than 100 billion hits per day.(2)

"Social Media began as an Internet sensation, but has quickly evolved into an entire ecosystem of applications that feed off this overwhelming stream of data. APIs are the linchpins that make it all work," said Devon Biondi, Director Platform Strategies. "By providing all the infrastructure and services necessary to manage APIs and integration for its community of 70,000 developers, Mashery lets social media companies focus on bringing exciting new applications to market quickly."

Social Media Week (SMW) is a global platform that connects people, content, and conversation around emerging trends in social media. Founded in 2009 SMW is delivered primarily through a network of internationally hosted biannual conferences and online through social and mobile media. SMW brings hundreds of thousands of people together every year through learning experiences that aim to advance our understanding of social media's role in society. As a contribution to this international event, Mashery collected a perspective on the quickly evolving application landscape that brings social media to new levels. Mashery supports some of the fastest moving companies on the social media landscape by providing the API infrastructure that allows social media applications to leverage data from numerous sources thus creating exciting new opportunities for envelope-pushing applications:

  • Klout is the standard for measuring online influence and enables businesses and individuals to reach, and engage influencers around a brand. Klout leverages more than 1000 APIs across Social Media Management like CoTweet and Hootsuite, Social Search like Live Intent and Tweetup and CRM and Lead generation to deliver real time Klout scores and insight into key audience segments. Klout is located in the Bay Area.
  • Klout's tip: Understand who you're engaging with. Your most influential users can amplify your message to hundreds of thousands or even millions.

  • SocialFlow optimizes social media engagement to yield more click-throughs, retweets, mentions, sharing and followers. Using real-time language processing and analysis, SocialFlow is used by media companies, retailers and brands to optimize engagement on Twitter and Facebook. SocialFlow is a Betaworks company based in New York City.
  • SocialFlow's tip: For businesses, simply guessing at the time of day to post on Twitter or Facebook is like walking into a room full of people that are already engaged in dozens of different conversations and hoping they'll care about what you have to say. Instead, contribute to conversations at the right time (when your audience and customers have a high intent to consume what you have to say) with the right content, and you'll greatly increase your chances of earning attention, clicks, retweets, mentions and followers. Select tools that allow you to gain real-time insight and act on your audience's real-time conversations and actions.

  • Appinions is a powerful and innovative opinions platform that publishers and researchers can use to configure applications that will offer their customers more and better content that will engage, drive more traffic, generate revenue and better information, and carve out a competitive edge. Appinions has a suite of applications that illustrate the service in action. These applications have already been configured by companies such as The Economist and Cengage/Gale and Appinons' API can be used by companies to configure their own opinion-driven applications. Appinions is located in Yonkers, NY.
  • Appinions' tip: While it's important to monitor social media activity, it is crucial to have a clear plan about what to listen for. This lets you to respond and react quickly and efficiently to support your social media goals and objectives.

  •'s APIs allow anybody to become a publisher. Through the Lulu Publication API, individuals and publishers can use Lulu's backend tools to create a new breed of Web applications that utilize Lulu's print-on-demand and eBook publishing technologies. Lulu APIs are already being used to create, print and distribute printed books from tweets called Twournals, mini travel journals from on-location blog posts and Facebook updates and photo books that chronicle the first year of a child's life. Based in Raleigh, NC and founded by serial entrepreneur Bob Young of Red Hat, Lulu continues to innovate on the many possibilities that Lulu APIs provide. For more information on the Lulu API, please visit
  •'s tip: Looking for an easy way to bring more visibility to your Twitter, Facebook or even your LinkedIn profiles? Include links to each of your social media networks in your personal email signature. 

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