SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2013) -  Findly, the social recruiting market leader, today announced the release of its latest solution designed to bring greater efficiency to the hiring process. With its new Keeper Move! mobile app, busy hiring managers can access relevant information when and where they need it to make faster, smarter hiring decisions.

The hiring manager is critical in ensuring the company recruits and onboards the right talent, yet involving them in the recruitment process can be difficult. As they have numerous other job responsibilities, they are often challenged to dedicate sufficient time and attention to recruitment activities. Ensuring that they can easily participate when they are needed is the key to rapid and successful hiring. With that understanding, Findly developed the Keeper Move! app to engage hiring managers and provide them with detailed candidate information to make rapid yet qualified decisions that lead to faster hiring.

Keeper Move! streamlines the hiring process with an easy-to-use interface that enables hiring managers to participate instantly and without any training. Rather than having to access a complex Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or cumbersome email threads with candidate resumes to gain access to information, hiring managers receive only the most relevant information they need to make sound hiring decisions. Unlike other mobile apps, which often sacrifice details for efficiency, Findly's new product balances the need for details with simplicity, enabling users to focus on the most important aspects to help them make the right decision.

Key features of Keeper Move! include:

  • Available for download at the App Store(SM) and can be used on iOS and Android tablets and phones.
  • Multiple requisition support to ensure ease of use whether hiring managers have one open requisition or hundreds.
  • The ability to drill into a candidate's profile and view their scores on questions related to the specific requisition
  • A simple interface to review, accept or reject candidates in real-time, keeping the recruitment process flowing.

"A fast hiring process is key to successful recruitment, particularly for hard-to-fill positions where good candidates don't stay on the market long as they are highly sought after," said Jason Kerr, founder and CEO of Findly. "Our new Keeper Move! app solves this challenge by making it easier than ever for hiring managers to participate in the process and make informed decisions on the spot. Bringing greater efficiency to recruitment, Keeper Move! gives organizations a significant advantage by allowing them to identify and hire the best candidates before their competitors do." 

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