PLAINSBORO, NJ--(Marketwired - Nov 13, 2013) - JK Group, the leading end-to-end provider of software and value-added services for corporate philanthropy, today announced the launch of Consiva, its innovative new suite of philanthropic solutions designed to provide a new way for corporations to drive employee engagement, integrate information and activities and measure the success of their efforts, both in the United States and internationally.

Today's employees, job seekers and consumers alike increasingly expect companies to be actively engaged in their communities and to support deserving organizations in reaching their philanthropic goals. They also recognize that there are organizations throughout the world dedicated to providing solutions to today's global problems. With more than 20 years of experience helping companies implement, manage and maintain their giving and volunteer programs, JK Group has witnessed first-hand the positive effects of well-run corporate philanthropic programs. As a result, the company has integrated the knowledge that it has gained over the years, as well as its independent research on future industry needs, into a technology and service platform that addresses all of the elements necessary for launching, managing and expanding a successful philanthropic program. 

Consiva provides flexible and engaging cloud-based software that can support true multinational efforts, along with a global payments network that facilitates payments to over 100,000 charities a year in more than 60 countries. In addition, Consiva leverages a unique repository of information on charitable organizations and an in-house compliance team that can help guide corporations through the complex tax and anti-money laundering legislation that is a part of the philanthropic landscape today. The platform also offers a variety of additional services that are critical to success, such as multi-channel contact centers for handling inquiries from employees and non-profit partners, and the ability to process a wide variety of donation types and methods. 

Additional highlights of the Consiva platform include:

  • Tools for specific constituencies: Consiva supports corporations, employees, individuals, not-for-profits and global giving programs.
  • Expansive range of programs: Capabilities include employee giving programs, payroll giving, special giving campaigns, disaster relief, employee assistance, individual and team fundraising, individual and team volunteering, volunteering grants, management of sponsorships and events, and corporate grants.
  • Functionality to optimize support for different market segments: Consiva offers paper forms for companies with line workers who lack easy access to computers, provides multiple mobile options, facilitates compliance with community reinvestment rules for financial institutions, the ability for non-profit organizations to post volunteer opportunities and directly interact with corporate sponsors, Sunshine Act support for the pharmaceutical industry, and much more.
  • Unique information repository:  The platform houses information related to over two million not-for-profit and other charitable organizations in four countries today, plus thousands more in an additional 60 countries, and growing rapidly.
  • Designed as a global platform: Consiva not only supports multiple languages, date formats, currencies and time zones, it also includes access to information and vetting processes on charitable organizations around the world, as well as the ability to process international payments.
  • Completely configurable: The system has integrated policy engines, auto-vetting rules and content management capabilities that not only allow corporations to adjust quickly to changes in programs or priorities, but also provides the capability to drive innovation.
  • Rapid and insightful data and impact analysis: With an integrated data warehouse and ad-hoc reporting and analysis tools, Consiva allows users to draw inferences, analyze impact and assess results quickly and comprehensively.
  • Combined content and capabilities: Additional services include benchmarking, impact analysis and relevant consulting services.

"A comprehensive corporate philanthropic strategy is emerging as a top priority for many organizations, given the role it plays in enhancing employment brand, driving employee engagement, and highlighting the company's commitment to social responsibility," said Holger Mueller, principal analyst and vice president of Constellation Research, Inc. "Technology and strategy play a major role in the success of such programs, and JK Group delivers solutions that can facilitate campaign administration and maximize employee participation."

"Corporate philanthropy is a part of the DNA of many organizations, and having an approach to personal philanthropy is important to many individuals," said Robert E. Farina, CEO of JK Group. "With Consiva, we are pleased to deliver the latest generation of software and services that enable our corporate clients to marry the passion that their employees have for causes they care about with meeting and exceeding their corporate philanthropic objectives. Consiva enables them to achieve this while maintaining strong financial and compliance controls on their programs and fostering strong relationships with the not-for-profit community."

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