SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 13, 2014) - StreamNation, the cloud media center that allows users to store, stream and share photos and videos privately and securely, today introduces a unified media stream featuring content from Instagram, Facebook, iPhoto, Google Drive, Google+, Flickr, Lightroom, Aperture, Picasa, Dropbox and OneDrive. This comprehensive integration makes StreamNation the first cloud solution to back up content from social networks, photo-storage platforms, mobile devices and desktop computers in a single media center on the web.

StreamNation provides a practical, central system where users can manage their photo and video files, regardless of where they were originally created and/or stored. Users can seamlessly upload entire folders of photos and videos from their apps, programs and devices onto their StreamNation account or upload manually if they prefer. The platform offers a cloud-by-cloud differentiation, meaning StreamNation communicates directly with each media platform's API (i.e., Flickr, Picasa) so that the upload process happens in the background, easing the bandwidth-consuming download and upload process.

"Consumers have become huge content creators and the majority of their files tend to be media, like photos and videos. Typically they use a variety of platforms to store and share their files, which often becomes a nightmare when trying to track down particular files," said Jonathan Benassaya, StreamNation founder. "With StreamNation we truly help them get all of their photo and video files into one place, where they can store and share with their friends and families effortlessly and privately, at an affordable price point."

StreamNation now also displays photos and videos in a timeline format that makes it easy to track and collect memories from a specific event, even if they are dispersed amongst different accounts, platforms, or devices.

StreamNation is the most affordable cloud storage platform on the market. Users get up to 20GB of free storage, with premium plans starting at $4/month for 100GB, $9/month for 500GB and $19/month for unlimited storage. All premium plans come with offline viewing on iOS and unlimited streaming. StreamNation is available for Windows, Mac OSX, iPad and iPhone, and via all desktop browsers.

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StreamNation is a cloud storage solution for media that allows users to securely store, stream, and share their content. It is the first cloud service that is able to handle the majority of video codecs and photo formats and transcode them for a perfect viewing experience in any situation. Founded in 2013 by Jonathan Benassaya, it is incubated and funded by Milestone Project Inc., and has offices in Luxembourg and San Francisco. For more information visit

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