Simulmedia Activates Nielsen Catalina Solutions' CPG Purchase Data for National TV Ad Inventory

Simulmedia More Deeply Integrates Nielsen Buyer Insights for Precision Marketing and Reporting on Behalf of Retail Marketers

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Simulmedia, a pioneer in bringing audience targeting to television advertising, and Nielsen Catalina Solutions, a leader in data-driven marketing, announced today that Simulmedia has entered into a license agreement for the Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) precision marketing platform AdVantics On Demand™ to improve reach and sales impact for Simulmedia's Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) TV advertiser clients.

This agreement will allow Simulmedia to integrate NCS CPG consumer audience segments with their Simulmedia Audience Insights Database (SAID) to help identify consumer viewing patterns aligned with specific brands, design a Simulmedia TV schedule that will reach relevant buyer audiences for its consumer packaged goods advertiser clients, and measure the reach of this media against NCS audience segments. Simulmedia can identify and activate inventory across over 500 billion impressions daily, on a national scale, based on that insight. NCS will also provide Simulmedia with custom buyer-based segments upon the request of mutual AdVantics on Demand advertiser clients.

AdVantics On Demand™ links what consumers watch with what they buy, enabling CPG marketers and media companies to match television program viewing to household buying based on actual retail purchase behavior. Based on NCS norms, NCS estimates that this behavior-based approach can improve media efficiency and increase incremental sales lift among exposed buyers by up to 20%. NCS links advertising with retail sales by integrating data from Nielsen's industry-standard TV panel and cable set-top box homes with shopper data from over 70 million US households.

"We are pleased to expand our relationship with Nielsen and activate Nielsen Catalina Solutions' consumer purchase data across Simulmedia's massive, audience-based TV network, which includes the majority of TV networks and operators in the US," says Dave Morgan, Simulmedia's CEO. "The media world is shifting from just delivering media outputs to delivering business outcomes. With NCS, we can not only bring greater precision to consumer packaged goods companies' TV campaigns but actually deliver and ultimately guarantee the business outcomes that everyone in marketing demands today."

"We are excited to lead a new era of behavior-based TV planning with Simulmedia," says Mike Nazzaro, CEO of Nielsen Catalina Solutions. "This will help drive a critical focus on sales results and create more opportunity for TV to have a major effect on advertiser goals."

Simulmedia has also strengthened its broader Nielsen relationship. Recently, Simulmedia deepened its use of Nielsen Buyer Insights. NCS and Nielsen Buyer Insights are complementary market offerings, providing a link between media decisions and product purchase behavior for advertisers across verticals. Now Nielsen Buyer Insights provides Simulmedia with a detailed link between transactions and media consumption, while still respecting required privacy guidelines. This relationship expands Simulmedia's ability to guarantee the delivery of television ad inventory against Nielsen Buyer Insights segments. Nielsen Buyer Insights reflects anonymized panelist purchasing behavior representative of 24 billion transactions or $2 trillion in annual sales, primarily across the retail, travel, digital, restaurant, entertainment, financial services, telecom, discount store, and gas station categories.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) ( provides the most comprehensive single-source view of consumer behavior to help advertisers, agencies, and media companies measure and improve advertising performance by precisely linking what consumers watch and what they buy. A slate of offerings helps CPG brands increase retail sales driven by TV, online, mobile, CRM, radio, and print advertising.

The joint venture between Nielsen and Catalina integrates actual retail purchase data from over 70 million shopper households from Catalina and Nielsen Homescan®, creating a representative dataset for CPG/OTC retail outlets. NCS has the largest single-source dataset for TV of 1.4 million households that incorporates "currency quality" Nielsen People Meter data and millions of cable set-top box homes. The NCS Digital Network reaches over 90% of the US online population, forming a single-source dataset of over 41 million households. Nielsen Catalina Solutions is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Simulmedia, Inc. ( is the leader in helping advertisers and agencies find targeted TV audiences. By taking a digital approach to linear TV advertising, the company delivers targeted audience reach at a national scale. Its Simulmedia Audience Network reaches 110 million households across the US through partnerships with over 85 national cable networks and the top multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs). Based on a proprietary analysis of second-by-second activity for over 50 million people, Simulmedia determines the best options to extend the reach of campaigns to specific target audiences and places advertising across those disparate TV networks. Since its launch in 2009, Simulmedia has delivered campaigns for more than 70 advertisers and their agencies to target, deliver, and measure hundreds of TV campaigns and, on average, reached their target audience 32% more efficiently than they were able to with traditional TV ad scheduling and targeting methods alone.


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