No 46/16 J. Aron & Company is given a written warning for breach of the Market Conduct Rules


The Board of Nasdaq Oslo ASA, on 17 December 2015, came to the following conclusion in the case against J. Aron & Company.

A trader acting on behalf of J Aron & Company inadvertently entered a sell order in the exchange order book, instead of a buy order, which lowered the best asking price of ENOMSEP-14 on 19 August 2014. While offering the sell order the trader bought a larger quantity in the market outside the order book paying the same price as the price of its sell order. The trader deleted the sell order four seconds after entering the order. The case findings indicate that the sell order misled the counterparty, who said that it agreed to lower its sell price outside the order book only after having noticed a new market valuation in the exchange order book. The Board finds that the sell order in question “gave, or was likely to give, false or misleading signals as to the supply for and price of a Listed Product,” cf. Market Conduct Rules section 5.1 cf. Enclosure 1 Section 1.1 letter a. Please see the Joint Appendix 6 - Market Conduct Rules

While no evidence of intention to mislead the market has been found and it is accepted that the trader did not act deliberately, it is not decisive for the application of this regulation whether misleading the market was done deliberately. The Board finds that the trader at least should have been aware that these actions gave or were likely to give false or misleading signals to other market participants and, in addition to having deleted the erroneous sell order, the trader should also have informed the Broker and in addition Nasdaq Oslo ASA Market Surveillance of the error. The Board finds that the trader showed negligence when giving misleading signals through placing the order in the opposite direction of his true intentions while the trader conducted negotiations in the market outside the order book at the same time. On this basis the Board finds that this behaviour constitutes a breach of the Market Conduct Rules section 5.1. cf. Enclosure 1, and with reference to Section 8.1.3. in the Market Conduct Rules J. Aron & Company is given a written warning.


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