SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 20, 2016) - First to fully leverage digital insights to optimize physical world transactions, Plexure -- formerly known as VMob -- today announced that it has appointed Andrew Dalziel, a finance and accounting specialist with nearly 20 years of experience, as chief financial officer (CFO). In this role, he leverages his experience leading financial operations for numerous high-growth companies to drive Plexure's continued success as it bring its solutions to more businesses across the U.S. and beyond.

"Having worked with Andrew previously when he served as our acting CFO last year, it is clear that he has the financial skill set, practical know-how and hands-on experience needed to support our next stage of growth," said Scott Bradley, founder and CEO of Plexure. "I am thrilled to welcome him back to Plexure; his experience will be crucial as we scale our company and attract new business from companies looking to transform how they engage customers and enhance the entire shopping experience."

By analyzing purchases and contextual data collected from websites, mobile devices, point of sale and connected in-store technology, Plexure helps companies tailor their messaging to individual customers, generating higher average transaction values and building customer loyalty. As Plexure continues to revolutionize how stores leverage customer information to turn online interactions into in-store visits, the company has achieved significant momentum, with many leading U.S. brands adopting its innovative solutions. With Dalziel now in the CFO role, the company has the expert financial leadership to help manage its ongoing growth and continued expansion.

Dalziel joins Plexure having led financial operations for several high-growth companies. His previous roles include serving as CFO of CricHQ, financial controller for Z Energy, head of International Finance for Telecom New Zealand, financial controller for Barclays and senior tax consultant for PwC. Throughout these positions, Dalziel has developed a proven ability to translate strategy into action and drive change in organizations, while providing accounting and tax expertise, negotiating international sales contracts and raising capital.

In addition to his professional experience, Dalziel earned a bachelor's degree in commerce and law from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

"Plexure is leading the charge for a new era of customer interaction, introducing the solutions that take into account purchase history, location and even the weather to deliver relevant, targeted promotions," said Dalziel. "I am excited to join the company as CFO and help Plexure capitalize on new growth opportunities in the U.S. and expand to new markets as we continue to revolutionize an industry."

About Plexure

Plexure uses digital insight to optimize transactions in the physical world. As Internet of Things (IoT) technology and connected devices enable multiple touch points in real time to reach customers, Plexure helps businesses understand the vast amount of customer data available and enable the delivery of targeted, personalized experiences. With a singular focus on improving real-world business transactions, Plexure is used by prominent global brands including McDonald's, 7-Eleven, Exxon, Anheuser Busch and IKEA to drive and convert in-store visits to in-store sales.

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