Sizmek Launches Interactive Video Authoring in Ad Builder

Powerful, freeform authoring tool for HTML5 VPAID provides ad creatives with boundless creative options for programmatic video campaigns

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sizmek, an open ad management company for multiscreen ad experiences, today announced the release of its HTML5 VPAID authoring tool within Ad Builder, for interactive video campaigns. This self-service solution for the codeless authoring of HTML5 VPAID ads enables creatives to build more attractive and engaging interactive video experiences for campaigns across screens, as the advertising world moves away from Flash-based ads.

The video creation and delivery industry is in a state of flux as it moves from Flash to HTML5, as many popular browsers no longer allow Flash video ads to play automatically, and publishers attempt to preserve their interactive video revenue. But brands recognize the need for the continuation of interactive video formats beyond the death of Flash, as exemplified by the nearly $10 billion expected to be spent on digital video ads this year. Until now, most authoring tools for interactive video have been heavily templated, limiting creative flexibility. An open authoring capability, available with a tool such as Ad Builder, allows creatives to fashion any experience they need using responsive design principles.

“As video audiences shift from desktop to mobile devices, the technology for designing and delivering advertisements shifts from Flash to HTML5,” said Jeroen Wijering, head of product at JW Player.  “We believe the key to continuing the great potential of digital video is to engage the rapid adoption of HTML5 VPAID, and the increased availability of tools to create engaging HTML5-based interactive video.”

Sizmek’s HTML5 VPAID is the latest in a series of new offerings designed to provide customers the ability to develop rich media campaigns driven by programmatic data. With the authoring tool, trading desk and video ad networks can preserve their Flash VPAID revenue, and can work their way up the HTML5 learning curve in a way that retains the integrity of responsible design principles. Now creative shops can build engaging video ad experiences specifically for smaller screens versus simply recycling TV ads.

"Flash-free video is a necessity on the Web today - for high performance and for platform reach - especially as Flash is being removed from popular browsers. Interactive ads that use Flash VPAID are the last piece of the puzzle," said Andrew Broadstone, director of product management at Brightcove. "We're supportive of and excited about the initiative that Sizmek is taking to enable advertisers and agencies to create engaging HTML5-based interactive video ads by migrating to JavaScript VPAID."

“Interactive video has been left in this weird life-support, nether-state where it is still being built in Flash but the entire display world has already begun to move to HTML5 formats,” said Jaime Singson, director of product marketing for Sizmek. “We are excited that our new offering gives our customers exactly the tools they need not only to keep up with the shifts in our industry, but also to gain an advantage in creating impactful, engaging interactive video campaigns.”

About Sizmek

Sizmek is the Open Ad Management company that brings freedom of choice and contextual relevance to omnichannel  digital advertising. As the largest independent ad server, more than 42,000 next generation advertisers, agencies, publishers, and trading desks rely on Sizmek’s offerings and flexible third-party platform integrations to provide the industry’s most customizable, best-in-class approach to creating seamless workflow across a wide variety of partners in the digital advertising ecosystem. With a single point of access to the best technology, data, and strategic guidance, Sizmek builds flexible solutions for marketers and publishers that combine programmatic efficiency with creative. Sizmek operates in more than 70 countries, with local offices providing award-winning service throughout North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC.


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