Harbin Clinic to Launch Personalized Mental Health Program Utilizing MYnd Analytics PEER Registry

Mission Viejo, California, UNITED STATES

ROME, Ga., July 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MYnd Analytics, Inc. ("MYnd") (OTCQB:MYAN), and Harbin Clinic are teaming up to provide personalized care to patients in mental health care with the implementation of PEER Online™ at Harbin Clinic's Rome and Calhoun sites this week.

Harbin Clinic, a privately-owned multi-specialty medical group in Georgia with over 240 personnel, including medical professionals, has chosen MYnd to help provide mental health care to its patients.  Frank Harbin, PhD, of Harbin Clinic Psychology, stated that:  “According to a 2011 report by Medco Health Solutions, almost 18% of the population of the south Atlantic region of the U.S. used mental health medications, so we believe that it is important to have resources that help our clinicians personalize their prescribing and provide the best quality care.”

“Our mission is to provide objective, evidence-based information to physicians who treat mental health issues, and we’re proud to team up with evidence-based providers like the Harbin Clinic," said George Carpenter, MYnd Analytics CEO.

PEER is a predictive medicine technology developed by MYnd, which combines an EEG scan of brain function with a large clinical registry of long-term outcomes to assist physicians in selecting the medication which is most likely to work on a specific patient’s brain. A recently released military trial showed a reduction in suicidality by over 75% when physicians followed PEER recommendations, two and a half times greater adherence to PEER-recommended therapy by patients, and three times higher medication efficacy than physicians treating as usual without the benefit of PEER.

About MYnd Analytics, Inc.

MYnd Analytics, Inc. (www.myndanalytics.com) is a predictive medicine company, which brings objective physical findings to psychiatric treatment in order to reduce trial and error prescribing. MYnd’s Psychiatric EEG Evaluation Registry, or PEER Online™, is a registry and reporting platform that allows medical professionals to exchange treatment outcome data for patients referenced to objective neurophysiology data obtained through a standard electroencephalogram (EEG).  Based on MYnd's original physician developed database, there are now more than 38,000 outcomes for over 10,000 unique patients in the PEER registry. The goal of PEER Online™ is to provide objective, personalized data to assist physicians in the selection of appropriate medications. 

To read more about the benefits of this patented technology for patients, physicians and payers, please visit www.myndanalytics.com.

About The Harbin Clinic

Harbin Clinic has been committed to providing excellent and innovative patient care for more than 100 years in Northwest Georgia.  With more than 240 personnel, including healthcare professionals who provide integrated care, the Harbin Clinic works with patients to provide care that is tailored to their needs. 

To read more about The Harbin Clinic, please visit https://harbinclinic.com/

Forward-looking Statements

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