no 63/17 Amendments to Nasdaq Commodities Clearing Rules


Subject to testing and regulatory approval, Nasdaq Commodities is announcing changes to its Clearing Rules, effective November 30, 2017.

This is to inform you of upcoming amendments to the Clearing Rules of the Nasdaq Commodity Markets (the “Clearing Rules”).

These General Terms and Appendices are affected:

  • Clearing Rules General Terms
  • Joint Trading and Clearing Appendix 1 - Definitions
  • Clearing Appendix 9 – Default Fund Rules
  • Clearing Appendix 13 – Supplemental Default Fund Rules – Direct Clearing Clients
  • New Clearing Appendix 16 – Clearing Client Documentation
  • Direct Clearing Client Agreement

This notice includes information about amendments made in respect of Nasdaq Clearing AB’s (“Nasdaq Clearing”) Client Representative / Clearing Client model “Direct Clearing model”. The clients utilizing the Direct Clearing model are referred to as “Direct Clearing Clients”.

The Direct Clearing model is based on a direct relationship between the Direct Clearing Client and Nasdaq Clearing. A Direct Clearing Client is an entity that has been approved by Nasdaq Clearing to register transactions for clearing in its own name and on its own account. The Direct Clearing Client is Nasdaq Clearing’s counterparty even if it acts through a clearing member who is appointed to act as the Client’s agent (“Direct Clearing Agent”). This means that the Direct Clearing Client takes full responsibility for providing collateral, contributions to the default fund, paying cash settlement amounts and delivering securities that are due to Nasdaq Clearing. The Direct Clearing Client is also fully liable for any overnight risk. The Direct Clearing Agent will not take any risk in relation to the Direct Clearing Client’s positions (including overnight risk) or be liable for the Client’s margin or the payment of outstanding amounts.

The amendments will come into effect on November 30, 2017.

Please note that all changes are not mentioned herein but can be found in the full text versions which are provided separately.

Defined terms have the meaning set out under the Clearing Rules.

Direct Clearing Client Agreement

The existing Clearing Client Agreement is replaced by the Direct Clearing Client Agreement, which is a triparty agreement between the Direct Clearing Client, the Direct Clearing Agent and Nasdaq Clearing (“DCC Agreement”).

The Direct Clearing Client appoints the Direct Clearing Agent under the DCC Agreement. Upon entering into the DCC Agreement, the Direct Clearing Client obtains the right to submit Transactions in Exchange Listed Instruments and Clearing Listed Instruments for clearing as a Direct Clearing Client through the Direct Clearing Agent in accordance with the Clearing Rules.

Clause 4 of the new DCC Agreement provides that the Direct Clearing Agent shall act as an intermediary between Nasdaq Clearing and the Direct Clearing Client. Any communication with respect to the obligations under the Clearing Rules and other applicable market information shall be provided by Nasdaq Clearing to the Direct Clearing Agent, unless the Clearinghouse chooses to involve the Direct Clearing Client directly. The Direct Clearing Agent shall in a secure manner forward all relevant information to the Direct Clearing Client.

With a new Appendix 16 this clause is also made applicable to counterparties to existing Clearing Client Agreements.


The following defined terms are added to the definitions list for the Clearing Rules: “Direct Clearing Account”, “Direct Clearing Agent”, “Direct Clearing Client” and “Direct Clearing Client Agreement”. References to these Definitions are made throughout the Clearing Rules where relevant. With a new Appendix 16 these definitions are also made applicable to existing Clearing Client Agreements.

General Terms

In section 3.1 it has been clarified that also Direct Clearing Clients can act on behalf of Clients if necessary regulatory approval is available.

In section 3.1.4 Direct Clearing Clients member requirements have been clarified and harmonized with other membership types.

Under section 4.9.1 and 4.9.2 it has been specified that the Direct Clearing Client shall be the only liable party for the obligations pursuant to Contracts Registered on a Direct Clearing Account, where the Transactions that gave rise to such Contracts were registered on a Direct Clearing Account are administered by a Direct Clearing Agent. This means that the Direct Clearing Agent is not liable for any of the obligations relating to Contracts recorded on a Direct Clearing Account and that the Direct Clearing Client bears the ultimate responsibility for all such obligations. This amendment is the materially most important change from the existing Client Representative / Clearing Client model.

Only minor amendments have been made to the Clearing Appendix 9 Default Fund Rules section 12. Please be aware however, that certain changes were introduced to the Clearing Appendix 9 Default Fund Rules on 7 November 2017:

Clearing Appendix 13 Supplemental default rules for Clearing Transactions on Direct Clearing Accounts has been amended to reflect the new model. This appendix sets out the steps that need to be taken where a Clearing Member that acts as a Direct Clearing Agent that has one or more Direct Clearing Accounts is in default.

A new Direct Clearing Client Agreement has been drafted which will replace the current Client Clearing Agreement. Please note however, that existing Client representative / Clearing Clients agreements will remain in force.

A new Appendix 16 has been added to reflect the changes applying to the existing Client representative and Clearing Clients. This appendix sets out how terms and definitions of the existing Client representative / Clearing Clients agreements shall be applied under the revised rulebook and is in addition adding a sections about information responsibility for Clearing Client Documentation.

For updated rulebooks and appendices please see:

Please be aware that the above described amendments to the rulebooks are reflected on current versions of the rulebook per 16 November 2017. The General Terms and several of the Appendices will be updated with other rule changes on the 20 November and the effective version on the 30 November will reflect all these amendments.


For further information, please contact Nasdaq Commodities:

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Knut Rabbe, Head of Sales, +47 67 52 8032,


Media contact:

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