WAYNE, Pa., Dec. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elemica, the leading  Business Network for the process industries, discusses Navigating the Risks in Supply Chain Management with leading industry analyst, Adrian Gonzalez, president of Adelante SCM on an episode of Talking Logistics

The on-demand webinar reviews the risks to chemical industry supply chains today and how to address these issues leveraging technology to limit their exposure. Trading partners on the Elemica Business Network can work together to resolve issues associated with movement of some of the most hazardous materials in the world in a more predictive manner, bringing benefit to the entire value chain.

“Chemicals touch our lives every day, from the clothes we wear to the toys our kids play with to the cars we drive and more. The Elemica Business Network is an enabler of this market, bringing businesses together to conduct commerce over a robust network in a safe and secure manner,” said David Cahn, Director Product Marketing of Elemica. “Clients of Elemica gain opportunities to grow their business, optimize working capital and drive innovation through the network ecosystem.”

“Supply chain management today is synonymous with risk management,” said Adrian Gonzalez, President, Adelante SCM. “Enterprises need to be prepared to address and mitigate these risks to continue providing value, to exceed customers and partners expectations, and maintain brand integrity.”

Navigating the Risks in Supply Chain Management, covers:

  • Identifying risks in chemical and process supply chains, including:
    • Supplier Viability – Operational viability
    • On-time Delivery –Metrics for trading partners ensure win-win situation
    • Hazardous Materials Movement – Correct labeling/signage on containers; loading/unloading of containers to minimize damage; certification of material
    • Cyberattacks and/or Cyber Threats – Data security, privacy, sovereignty of data, control
    • Weather – Real-time weather information connected to orders
    • Geopolitical and other risks outside of the four walls
  • Improving data quality with trading partners is essential for supply chain visibility
  • Embracing APIs and a multi-faceted approach to onboarding trading partners
  • Leveraging technology for improved orchestration, including:
    • Utilizing machine learning to provide a reality check into estimated arrival times
    • Capitalizing on business networks for multi-modal visibility across ocean, rail, and road
    • Correlating data sources among trading partners with external information sources

Adrian Gonzalez is a trusted advisor and leading industry analyst with more than 18 years of research experience in transportation management, logistics outsourcing, global trade management, social media, and other supply chain and logistics topics. In addition to launching Talking Logistics, Adrian is the founder and president of Adelante SCM, a peer-to-peer learning and networking community for supply chain and logistics executives and young professionals.

David Cahn is Director Product Marketing at Elemica responsible for increasing market share through go-to-market programs. David has executive management experience at various organizations such as KPMG, Computer Associates, AMR Research, Aptean and Infor.

To access the on-demand webinar, click here. Or visit Elemica.com

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