STAQ Announces $2M Funding Round

NEW YORK, March 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- STAQ, the automated reporting platform as a service for digital advertising, today announced that it has closed a funding round of $2 million. The funding round included every major investor from the company’s most recent raise, a testament to STAQ’s steady growth and opportunity to capture additional market share in an expanding industry. The round was led by Pereg Ventures, Comcast Ventures Seed Fund Genacast Ventures, Core Capital and Kinetic Ventures.

The investment will be used to enhance STAQ’s software platform, which gives digital media companies a single point of truth between dozens of partners across a complex advertising landscape of ad serving technologies, ad exchanges, social media partners, content distribution channels and direct media sales direct buyers. STAQ will also be adding to the sales and engineering teams, positioning the company to serve as a data hub for media companies as they consolidate and improve their maturing digital advertising business.

“STAQ turns the pain caused by mountains of data from many advertising partners into revenue opportunities. Media companies must make million-dollar decisions in real time across channels, creative formats, and with complexities like verification and viewability tracking. With STAQ, they can make the right call,” said Gil Beyda, of Genacast Ventures. “We believe the challenges in digital media will continue to increase with the rise of the advertising industry’s intense scrutiny on transparency, fraud prevention and privacy. STAQ is poised to meet the industry needs and deliver new revenue opportunities for their clients as they double down on infrastructure, process and reporting.”

STAQ plans to use the additional funds to create an expanded back-end with a flexible data-lake architecture, while introducing features and services that include industry wide data normalization, benchmarking and descriptive analytics. As digital advertising sales moves into header bidding and programmatic buying escalates, the amount of data that is available to publishers and advertisers presents a great opportunity for the ecosystem. STAQ will provide the platform to mine that opportunity.

“Media companies and others in the digital marketplace need STAQ’s integrated solution to manage a huge daily data intake, taking control of their revenue opportunities, and providing insight across the organization from executives and sellers on the front lines, to data analysts and programmatic operators at the core of the business,” said Andy Ellenthal, CEO of STAQ.

About STAQ
STAQ automates and unifies reporting and analytics data from across the ad technology stack for media companies. With a proprietary platform, STAQ clients can easily connect to over 400 ad servers, exchanges, social media platforms, and CRM workflow tools in the industry, eliminating manual spreadsheet work, while driving higher yield and ROI.

Press Contact: Emily Riley 914-330-1128