SEATTLE, WA, July 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

 McCusker Holdings Corp (OTC: MHHC), a leading provider of help desk, warranty services and complementary technology, today announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between MHHC and the Southern California Rep Firm, Saddleback Mountain Ventures LLC. 

MHHC’s CEO Frank Hawley says, “SMV’s executives and sales teams have decades of experience and deep roots into the commercial and consumer contract manufacturing space. SMV has been successfully representing contract engineering firms like Cypher Scientific, whose CEO recently joined our board, as well as creating and managing strategic alliances that offer emerging companies a complete array of services from concept through design and delivery of a broad array of products, particularly leveraging the services of contract manufactures worldwide.”  

Danforth Lincoln, SMV partner and General Council, adds: “SMV has been able to successfully assist its clients in navigating the complexities of manufacturing, from concept to delivery, but we had not yet included a post-delivery warranty solutions package to complete our end-to-end value stream. Many companies that we work with do not have these resources in house, and our alliance with MHHC will enable us to expand our array of available services while acting as the primary sales team for new MHHC engagements. It’s a potential big win for both companies.” 

The final contract that is summarized in the MOU creates an immediate cash infusion for MHHC while granting SMV as much as 1.5 billion total shares of MHHC stock, plus board representation that is all directly tied to performance milestones targeted to raise MHHC’s top line by a minimum of $10 million annually. Hawley added, “This agreement to have Saddleback Mountain Ventures become the outside sales partner for MHHC opens up huge new markets for us and immediately deploys a competent and connected sales force at no risk to MHHC. We plan to protect our investors from dilution and increase share value by buying back up to 2 billion shares of MHHC stock funded almost entirely from profits generated through this agreement. This is another critical piece of our broader strategy to eliminate the shackles of the past by bringing in the right talent and creating the right infrastructure that will in turn drive business and profits upward beyond all historical activity.” 

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