Appcast Launches Programmatic Publisher Rating for Job Sites

Enables Employers & Recruitment Ad Agencies to Make Better Ad Buying Decisions; Rewards Job Sites that Embrace Programmatic Buying

LEBANON, N.H., July 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Appcast, the leading developer of programmatic job advertising technology, today announced the launch of its Programmatic Publisher Rating (PPR). Appcast PPR measures the ability of job boards and aggregators to support sophisticated, high volume programmatic ad buying, giving employers and recruitment ad agencies data to make better and more informed media purchasing decisions.

As recruitment marketing moves to performance ad units and software-driven buying, publishers that have invested in developing programmatic technology are delivering significantly better results compared to traditional publishers. Appcast PPR is the first data-driven rating system that allows recruitment media buyers to measure the programmatic investment job sites and aggregators have made.

Appcast PPR measures the sophistication of job sites by looking at the following integration points:

  • Data Exchange & Frequency: Publishers are rewarded with a higher PPR ranking when they increase the frequency and quality of data exchanged with their Appcast customers. 
  • Business Alignment: In partnership with its customers, Appcast has developed a set of programmatic best practices that rewards publishers based on their consistency and alignment of how their data is used, measured, and validated.

This criterion supports advancement and drives value and efficiency of the programmatic job advertising market, powered by Appcast.

Matt Molinari, Appcast’s vice president of Global Business Development, commented, “When publishers compete, customers win. Our new publisher rating system encourages publishers to innovate more quickly and become more programmatic-friendly.” He continued, “We are opening up discoverability within our marketplace, fostering a new level of transparency that will enable Appcast customers to view each performance profile and readily identify their best fit publishers.” 

Michael Halperin, Chief Strategy Officer at Bayard Advertising commented, "We rely on Appcast's programmatic job advertising technology to drive cost-efficient recruitment outcomes for our clients. With the introduction of the Programmatic Publisher Rating system, we can now make smarter media buying decisions because of the transparency and trust it provides on how publishers perform."

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