Dyspatch and Mailgun Partnership Brings End-to-End Transactional Email Solution for Marketers and Developers

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

Developers and Marketers can more easily collaborate on Transactional Email Workflows 

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sendwithus, the makers of Dyspatch, the Enterprise email production platform, and Mailgun, the developer-focused email delivery platform, today announced a new partnership that enables developers and marketers to easily collaborate on transactional email workflows and share performance data. With this partnership, companies can be assured that their transactional emails are on-brand, easily optimized, and that they’ll reach their customers’ inboxes.

With developers and marketers focused on different priorities, optimizing transactional emails from a content, branding, and compliance standpoint is an ongoing challenge. By bringing Dyspatch and Mailgun together, marketers and developers have the technical tools they need to create, send, and track customized emails that delight customers. Developers can focus on building great products and marketers can concentrate on creating exceptional, personalized brand experiences. Together, they can collaborate seamlessly to continuously optimize transactional emails that engage customers and drive growth.

“People are building more complex apps every single day, and they need scalable tools that can move dynamically with their application,” said William Conway, CEO of Mailgun. “Mailgun provides the infrastructure to easily send transactional and marketing emails, while Dyspatch gives marketers the front-end tools they need to create, innovate, and improve upon the content in those emails.”

Mailgun enables developers to plug-and-play their email API or SMTP protocols, in whichever coding language they use, to set up email infrastructure within a company. Dyspatch empowers teams to create and change email content quickly and easily, while ensuring each email is on-brand and fully compliant. Dyspatch’s front-end interface allows users to organize templates within workspaces, update content in the easy-to-use visual editor, and leverage built-in device testing.

“Our partnership with Mailgun is significant, as we have two companies working to solve the same critical challenge but coming at it from different ends of the email workflow,” said Matt Harris, co-founder and CEO at Sendwithus. “Mailgun is laser focused on helping customers get the best deliverability, with a robust infrastructure and expert services, while Dyspatch establishes a standardized email creation workflow, from building to testing, approval to publishing, that can be implemented across the organization.”

To learn more how the Mailgun and Dyspatch partnership can benefit your company, please register for Mailgun + Dyspatch: Helping Developers and Marketers Find Middle Ground on Transactional Email, a jointly presented webinar being held on November 14, 2018.

About Mailgun
Mailgun is an email delivery engine created by developers for developers. Since 2010, Mailgun has provided deliverability expertise and leading technology via cloud-based email APIs for customers such as Slack, Github, and Lyft. Through its own proprietary technology, Mailgun strives to continuously ensure you can send, receive, and track email effortlessly.
For more information visit, https://www.mailgun.com/.

About Dyspatch
Dyspatch by Sendwithus is an email production platform that helps Enterprise organizations create and change transactional and triggered emails faster, by centralizing template creation, approval, and publishing processes. The powerful API, visual editor, and built-in device testing allow for cutting-edge email strategy and execution while helping establish consistency in both branding and legal compliance across multiple teams. Sendwithus has been helping leading brands, including Microsoft, Autodesk, and Zillow craft exceptional communications experiences since 2013. To learn more about Dyspatch by Sendwithus, visit www.dyspatch.io. To join the Sendwithus team, visit www.sendwithus.com/careers

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