Company announcement no. 3/2019
Copenhagen, 7 February 2019

Conferize launches new ticket product to increase earnings

Conferize A/S has just launched a new ticket product, Conferize Tickets. The new product caters directly to event organizers who only need to issue and sell tickets. With this product Conferize now addresses a much wider range of events than before.

The new product delivers an unprecedented simple method of setting up and selling tickets. Now everyone can sell tickets through Conferize without prior experience. With the possibility of quick check-in via the QR code on the participants' smartphones, Conferize's ticket product can be used for both courses and seminars, as well as concerts and sports events. The global market for Online Event Ticketing was estimated at USD 46,6 billion in 2017 (source: Grand View Research Inc: Online Event Ticketing Market, 2018).

With a particularly attractive and simple price structure, Conferize expects that the new product will eventually become a strong competitor to existing ticket sales solutions.

The development of independent solutions, such as Conferize Tickets, is an essential element in realizing the Company's commercial strategy. In addition to raising earnings, independent products allow the full Event Management Software (EMS) platform to be presented to completely new segments of customers. Customers who are primarily looking for a ticket solution are now presented for all the unique opportunities on the platform via Conferize Tickets, with access to website, communication, networking and much more in connection with their ticket solution.

About Conferize
Conferize is a digital platform for event organizers and attendees. Too many events and conferences are still planned and realized following a template from the time the world was still analog. This means that the attendees benefit too little in terms of networking, knowledge sharing and participation, and organizers struggle with old-fashioned and incomplete products, ultimately resulting in a bad experience for the attendees.

Conferize solves this fundamental problem by offering a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for the organizer and creates greater value for the attendees – before, during and after the event. At the same time Conferize connects users and content in a global network of events, providing an overview of an otherwise fragmented industry, Conferize has been used by thousands of events in more than 140 countries and has been official partner for TEDx since 2014.

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The Company’s Certified Adviser is Baker Tilly Corporate Finance P/S (Business registration no. 40073310), Gert Mortensen, Poul Bundgaards Vej 1, 1., DK-2500 Valby, +45 30 73 06 67,

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