Head of Business to Business (B2B) and acting Head of Business to Consumer (B2C) at Telia Lietuva, AB (hereinafter – ‘Telia Lietuva’ or ‘the Company’) Mindaugas Ubartas decided to leave the Company from 12 April, 2019. He was leading B2B unit at Telia Lietuva from April 2017 and B2C unit – from October 2018.

Before running the current position, Mindaugas Ubartas (born in 1978) headed Telia Company owned mobile operator Tcell in Tajikistan for a couple of years. M. Ubartas started his career in telecommunications in 2001 at Lietuvos Telekomas (now Telia Lietuva), later he worked at Bitė Lietuva and Tele2 units in Lithuania, Estonia and Kazakhstan.

Till the new Heads of Business to Business and Business to Consumers are appointed, Business to Business unit will be temporarily led by Daniel Karpovič, current Head of Segment and Product Management at B2B. Business to Consumers activities will be covered by Elina Dapkevičienė, Head of Offering and Pricing at B2C and Vaida Jurkonienė, Head of Marketing.

Darius Džiaugys,
Head of Investor Relations,
tel. +370 5 236 7878,
e-mail: darius.dziaugys@telia.lt