myAir Smart-food Launches Personalized, Super Plant Bars to Naturally Relieve Stress

Proprietary Blend of Adaptogens Tailored to Combat Effects of Stress for Each Individual

WASHINGTON, Jan. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Food tech startup, myAir, today announces the launch of super plant nutrition bars formulated to combat an individual’s cognitive and physiological response to stress, providing effective, customized stress relief through smart food.

As the world continues to battle COVID and its many impacts, people are experiencing feelings of prolonged stress. Even before this shared global experience, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified stress as the global health epidemic of the 21st century, and it is now the sixth leading cause of death in the world. In the United States alone, stress is estimated to cost the American economy $300 billion annually.

myAir was created amid this crisis to provide a solution and help individuals address stress in the easiest and healthiest way possible - through functional nutrition.

Following years of research with super-plants, myAir’s scientific team, which includes researchers from Berkeley, Stanford, and McGill Universities, conducted a study with the leading wearables company - GARMIN. The study found 73 percent of participants experienced reduced stress with myAir’s stress-less routine and 84 percent had improved sleep quality. Click here for full results of the Garmin published report.

myAir’s novel concept taps into three current trends: plant-based food, personalized nutrition, and stress management. “Studies show 75 percent of the population prefers to improve their quality of life by embracing a healthy diet rather than dosing up on prescribed medication. Meanwhile 73 percent of adults snack in order to relax,” said Rachel Yarcony, Co-founder and CEO of myAir. “Since chronic stress is a ‘mind and body’ condition, we offer a solution that addresses both aspects. Our bars provide a delicious, simple-to-follow, personalized nutritional solution to the global stress crisis.”

Individuals take a quick, research-based assessment to identify how stress affects their cognitive and physical behavior. myAir’s patent-pending algorithm uses physiological and psychological data to analyze each person’s stress profile, then chooses a mix of super-plant nutrition bars tailored to meet their individual needs and provide the body what it needs to naturally find balance.

“Harvard Medical School has stated that ‘stress has many faces’. Each person has unique stress symptoms, and some are more dominant than others,” said Dovev Goldstein, myAir Co-founder and COO. “The future of food is related to a broader game changer- the AI capabilities that now enable personal nutrition. Each of us needs a personalized solution. This is where myAir has redefined the paradigm.”

myAir functional nutrition bars include a proprietary, research-backed blend of adaptogens, proven to reduce stress, as well as super plants including hops, sage, passionflower, ginseng, ashwagandha, and more. Those super plants connect with the receptors of the endocrine and autonomic nervous system to counteract the effects of stress on the central nervous system by moving the body towards homeostasis. They work synergistically to exert a specific stress-countering effect, whether to sharpen focus, revive energy, reduce anxiety, support relaxation, promote quality sleep and more. The adaptogens and super plants are blended into a date-based nutrition bar, that is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and less than 100 calories.

myAir super plant bars are available by subscription and are delivered monthly to a consumer’s doorstep. Since stress is an ongoing problem myAir offers an ongoing solution. To take the stress assessment and learn more about how myAir is revolutionizing solutions to stress, visit

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About myAir
myAir smart food is an innovative, revolutionary dream come true developed by two seasoned entrepreneurs: Rachel Yarcony and Dovev Goldstein.

They gathered world-leading researchers, scientists and clinical herbalists, along with a top-notch technology team, to disrupt the food industry with the first personalized nutrition solution for stress management.

Together, they introduced the first personalized nutrition concept for stress management, creating a long-term health regime based on ongoing monitoring and rooted in data. Watch this video to learn more about myAir.

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