NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for First Quarter Fiscal 2023

  • Record quarterly revenue of $8.29 billion, up 46% from a year ago
  • Record quarterly revenue for Data Center and Gaming

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) today reported record revenue for the first quarter ended May 1, 2022, of $8.29 billion, up 46% from a year ago and up 8% from the previous quarter, with record revenue in Data Center and Gaming.

GAAP earnings per diluted share for the quarter were $0.64, down 16% from a year ago and down 46% from the previous quarter, and include an after-tax impact of $0.52 related to the $1.35 billion Arm acquisition termination charge. Non-GAAP earnings per diluted share were $1.36, up 49% from a year ago and up 3% from the previous quarter.

“We delivered record results in Data Center and Gaming against the backdrop of a challenging macro environment,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “The effectiveness of deep learning to automate intelligence is driving companies across industries to adopt NVIDIA for AI computing. Data Center has become our largest platform, even as Gaming achieved a record quarter.

“We are gearing up for the largest wave of new products in our history with new GPU, CPU, DPU and robotics processors ramping in the second half. Our new chips and systems will greatly advance AI, graphics, Omniverse, self-driving cars and robotics, as well as the many industries these technologies impact,” he said.

During the first quarter of fiscal 2023, NVIDIA returned to shareholders $2.10 billion in share repurchases and cash dividends.

On May 23, 2022, the board of directors increased and extended the company’s share repurchase program to repurchase additional common stock up to a total of $15 billion through December 2023.

NVIDIA will pay its next quarterly cash dividend of $0.04 per share on July 1, 2022, to all shareholders of record on June 9, 2022.

Q1 Fiscal 2023 Summary

($ in millions, except earnings per share)Q1 FY23Q4 FY22Q1 FY22Q/QY/Y
Revenue$8,288 $7,643 $5,661 Up 8%Up 46%
Gross margin 65.5%  65.4%  64.1% Up 10 bpsUp 140 bps
Operating expenses$3,563 $2,029 $1,673 Up 76%Up 113%
Operating income$1,868 $2,970 $1,956 Down 37%Down 4%
Net income$1,618 $3,003 $1,912 Down 46%Down 15%
Diluted earnings per share$0.64 $1.18 $0.76 Down 46%Down 16%


($ in millions, except earnings per share)Q1 FY23Q4 FY22Q1 FY22Q/QY/Y
Revenue$8,288 $7,643 $5,661 Up 8%Up 46%
Gross margin 67.1%  67.0%  66.2% Up 10 bpsUp 90 bps
Operating expenses$1,608 $1,447 $1,189 Up 11%Up 35%
Operating income$3,955 $3,677 $2,557 Up 8%Up 55%
Net income$3,443 $3,350 $2,313 Up 3%Up 49%
Diluted earnings per share$1.36 $1.32 $0.91 Up 3%Up 49%


NVIDIA’s outlook for the second quarter of fiscal 2023 is as follows:

  • Revenue is expected to be $8.10 billion, plus or minus 2%. This includes an estimated reduction of approximately $500 million relating to Russia and the COVID lockdowns in China.
  • GAAP and non-GAAP gross margins are expected to be 65.1% and 67.1%, respectively, plus or minus 50 basis points.
  • GAAP and non-GAAP operating expenses are expected to be approximately $2.46 billion and $1.75 billion, respectively.
  • GAAP and non-GAAP other income and expense are expected to be an expense of approximately $40 million, excluding gains and losses from non-affiliated investments.
  • GAAP and non-GAAP tax rates are expected to be 12.5%, plus or minus 1%, excluding any discrete items.


NVIDIA achieved progress since its previous earnings announcement in these areas: 

Data Center

  • First-quarter revenue was a record $3.75 billion, up 83% from a year ago and up 15% from the previous quarter.
  • Announced the NVIDIA Hopper™ GPU architecture, delivering an order of magnitude performance leap over its predecessor; the NVIDIA® H100 Tensor Core GPU, the first Hopper-based GPU, featuring 80 billion transistors; and the NVIDIA DGX™ H100 system, the fourth generation of this purpose-built AI infrastructure.
  • Announced the Arm®-based NVIDIA Grace™ CPU Superchip with two CPU chips connected coherently over NVLink®-C2C, a new high-speed, low-latency chip-to-chip interconnect.
  • Announced that Taiwan’s leading computer makers are set to release the first wave of systems powered by NVIDIA’s Grace Hopper and Grace CPU Superchips, on track to launch in the first half of 2023.
  • Unveiled NVIDIA Spectrum™-4, the world’s first 400Gbps end-to-end networking platform, enabling the extreme performance and robust security needed for data center infrastructure at scale.
  • Announced major updates to NVIDIA AI — which includes enterprise-ready software for advancing speech, recommender systems, hyperscale inference and more — as well as the new NVIDIA AI Accelerated program, to help ensure performance and reliability of AI applications from NVIDIA’s partners.
  • Announced NVIDIA OVX™ — a dedicated, scalable server reference design for creating industrial digital twins in Omniverse — combining high-performance GPU-accelerated compute, graphics and AI with high-speed storage access, low-latency networking and precision timing. 
  • Unveiled 60+ updates to the NVIDIA CUDA-X™ collection of libraries, tools and technologies across a broad range of disciplines.
  • Unveiled NVIDIA Clara™ Holoscan MGX, a platform for the medical-device industry to develop and deploy real-time AI applications at the edge, designed to meet required regulatory standards.
  • Collaborated with Microsoft Azure to preview a scaled virtualized cloud offering using NVIDIA vGPU software and the NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPU.
  • Announced a strategic collaboration with The Kroger Co. to reimagine the shopping experience using AI-enabled applications and services.
  • Teamed with UF Health, the University of Florida’s academic health center, to develop a neural network that generates synthetic clinical data.


  • First-quarter revenue was a record $3.62 billion, up 31% from a year ago and up 6% from the previous quarter.
  • Introduced the GeForce RTX® 3090 Ti, the fastest-ever consumer GPU.
  • Announced 15 new game titles optimized for NVIDIA RTX — including Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Ghostwire: Tokyo and Shadow Warrior 3 — bringing the total to over 250 games and applications.
  • Announced that gamers can now access RTX 3080-class streaming with GeForce NOW™ monthly subscription plans.  
  • Expanded the GeForce NOW library with over 100 games — including Lost Ark, Need for Speed: Heat and Life is Strange: Remastered — bringing the total to over 1,300.
  • Launched Fortnite on GeForce NOW with touch controls for mobile devices, streaming through the Safari web browser on iOS and the GeForce NOW Android app.

Professional Visualization

  • First-quarter revenue was $622 million, up 67% from a year ago and down 3% from the previous quarter.
  • Added new NVIDIA Ampere architecture RTX GPUs for workstations, widening access to AI and ray-tracing technology.
  • Announced the Omniverse Cloud service for instant access to NVIDIA Omniverse™ — including by millions of Mac and Chromebook users — enabling the collaborative editing of large 3D scenes from anywhere when available next year.
  • Announced that Amazon Robotics is building AI-enabled digital twins of its warehouses, using Omniverse Enterprise, to optimize warehouse design and train more intelligent robotic solutions.

Automotive and Robotics

  • First-quarter Automotive revenue was $138 million, down 10% from a year ago and up 10% from the previous quarter.
  • Started production of the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin™ autonomous vehicle computer, which has been chosen by over 35 automakers. 
  • Announced wins with Lucid Motors and BYD, bringing its automotive design-win pipeline to over $11 billion over the next six years.
  • Introduced NVIDIA DRIVE™ Map, a multimodal mapping platform — based in part on DeepMap survey mapping technology — designed to enable the highest levels of autonomy while improving safety.
  • Set records in AI inference with NVIDIA Orin in its MLPerf benchmark debut, running up to 5x faster than its predecessor with an average of 2x better energy efficiency.
  • Announced availability of the NVIDIA Jetson™ AGX Orin developer kit, with production modules shipping in July, and Isaac Nova Orin, a state-of-the-art AI compute and sensor reference platform built to accelerate development of autonomous mobile robots.

CFO Commentary
Commentary on the quarter by Colette Kress, NVIDIA’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, is available at https://investor.nvidia.com/.

Conference Call and Webcast Information
NVIDIA will conduct a conference call with analysts and investors to discuss its first quarter fiscal 2023 financial results and current financial prospects today at 2 p.m. Pacific time (5 p.m. Eastern time). A live webcast (listen-only mode) of the conference call will be accessible at NVIDIA’s investor relations website, https://investor.nvidia.com. The webcast will be recorded and available for replay until NVIDIA’s conference call to discuss its financial results for its second quarter of fiscal 2023.

Non-GAAP Measures
To supplement NVIDIA’s condensed consolidated financial statements presented in accordance with GAAP, the company uses non-GAAP measures of certain components of financial performance. These non-GAAP measures include non-GAAP gross profit, non-GAAP gross margin, non-GAAP operating expenses, non-GAAP income from operations, non-GAAP other income (expense), net, non-GAAP net income, non-GAAP net income, or earnings, per diluted share, and free cash flow. For NVIDIA’s investors to be better able to compare its current results with those of previous periods, the company has shown a reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP financial measures. These reconciliations adjust the related GAAP financial measures to exclude acquisition termination costs, stock-based compensation expense, acquisition-related and other costs, IP-related costs, legal settlement costs, gains and losses from non-affiliated investments, interest expense related to amortization of debt discount, the associated tax impact of these items where applicable, domestication tax benefit, and foreign tax benefit. Free cash flow is calculated as GAAP net cash provided by operating activities less both purchases of property and equipment and intangible assets and principal payments on property and equipment and intangible assets. NVIDIA believes the presentation of its non-GAAP financial measures enhances the user’s overall understanding of the company’s historical financial performance. The presentation of the company’s non-GAAP financial measures is not meant to be considered in isolation or as a substitute for the company’s financial results prepared in accordance with GAAP, and the company’s non-GAAP measures may be different from non-GAAP measures used by other companies.

NVIDIA’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market and has redefined modern computer graphics, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. The company’s pioneering work in accelerated computing and AI is reshaping trillion-dollar industries, such as transportation, healthcare and manufacturing, and fueling the growth of many others. More information at https://nvidianews.nvidia.com/.

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Certain statements in this press release including, but not limited to, statements as to: the effectiveness of deep learning to automate intelligence driving companies across industries to adopt NVIDIA for AI computing; the largest wave of new products in our history with new GPU, CPU, DPU, and robotics processors ramping in the second half; our new chips and systems to advance AI, graphics, Omniverse, self-driving cars, and robotics, as well as the many industries these technologies impact; the benefits, performance, impact, and abilities of our products and technologies, including NVIDIA Hopper GPU architecture, NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, NVIDIA DGX H100 system, Arm-based NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip, NVLink, NVIDIA Spectrum-4, the updated NVIDIA AI, the new NVIDIA AI Accelerated program, NVIDIA OVX, the NVIDIA CUDA-X collection, NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX, NVIDIA vGPU software, NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPU, GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, NVIDIA RTX, GeForce NOW, NVIDIA Ampere architecture RTX GPUs, Omniverse Cloud, Omniverse Enterprise, the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin autonomous vehicle computer, NVIDIA DRIVE Map, NVIDIA Orin, NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, and Isaac Nova Orin; the release by Taiwan’s leading computer makers of the first wave of systems powered by NVIDIA’s Grace Hopper and Grace CPU Superchips; the collaboration with Microsoft Azure to preview a scaled virtualized cloud offering using NVIDIA vGPU software and the NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPU; the strategic collaboration with The Kroger Co.; our teaming with UF Health, the University of Florida’s academic health center, to develop a neural network that generates synthetic clinical data; NVIDIA’s share repurchase program; NVIDIA’s next quarterly cash dividend; NVIDIA’s financial outlook for the second quarter of fiscal 2023, including the estimated impact on revenue relating to Russia and the COVID lockdowns in China; and NVIDIA’s expected tax rates for the second quarter of fiscal 2023 are forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause results to be materially different than expectations. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include: global economic conditions; our reliance on third parties to manufacture, assemble, package and test our products; the impact of technological development and competition; development of new products and technologies or enhancements to our existing product and technologies; market acceptance of our products or our partners’ products; design, manufacturing or software defects; changes in consumer preferences or demands; changes in industry standards and interfaces; unexpected loss of performance of our products or technologies when integrated into systems; as well as other factors detailed from time to time in the most recent reports NVIDIA files with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, including, but not limited to, its annual report on Form 10-K and quarterly reports on Form 10-Q. Copies of reports filed with the SEC are posted on the company’s website and are available from NVIDIA without charge. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and speak only as of the date hereof, and, except as required by law, NVIDIA disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements to reflect future events or circumstances.

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(In millions, except per share data) 
   Three Months Ended 
   May 1, May 2, 
    2022   2021  
Revenue$8,288  $5,661  
Cost of revenue 2,857   2,032  
Gross profit 5,431   3,629  
Operating expenses    
 Research and development 1,618   1,153  
 Sales, general and administrative 592   520  
 Acquisition termination cost 1,353   -  
  Total operating expenses 3,563   1,673  
Income from operations 1,868   1,956  
 Interest income 18   6  
 Interest expense (68)  (53) 
 Other, net (13)  135  
  Other income (expense), net (63)  88  
Income before income tax 1,805   2,044  
Income tax expense 187   132  
Net income$1,618  $1,912  
Net income per share (A):    
 Basic$0.65  $0.77  
 Diluted$0.64  $0.76  
Weighted average shares used in per share computation (A):    
 Basic 2,506   2,484  
 Diluted 2,537   2,528  
(A) Reflects a four-for-one stock split on July 19, 2021. 

(In millions)
    May 1, January 30,
    2022 2022
Current assets:    
 Cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities $20,338 $21,208
 Accounts receivable, net  5,438  4,650
 Inventories  3,163  2,605
 Prepaid expenses and other current assets  636  366
  Total current assets  29,575  28,829
Property and equipment, net  2,916  2,778
Operating lease assets  856  829
Goodwill  4,365  4,349
Intangible assets, net  2,211  2,339
Deferred income tax assets  1,784  1,222
Other assets  3,505  3,841
  Total assets $45,212 $44,187
Current liabilities:    
 Accounts payable $1,999 $1,783
 Accrued and other current liabilities  3,563  2,552
  Total current liabilities  5,562  4,335
Long-term debt  10,947  10,946
Long-term operating lease liabilities  752  741
Other long-term liabilities  1,631  1,553
  Total liabilities  18,892  17,575
Shareholders' equity  26,320  26,612
  Total liabilities and shareholders' equity $45,212 $44,187

(In millions)
   Three Months Ended
   May 1, May 2,
    2022   2021 
Cash flows from operating activities:   
Net income$1,618  $1,912 
Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash   
provided by operating activities:   
 Acquisition termination cost 1,353   - 
 Stock-based compensation expense 578   429 
 Depreciation and amortization 334   281 
 Losses (gains) on investments in non affiliates, net 17   (133)
 Deferred income taxes (542)  24 
 Other 23   (3)
Changes in operating assets and liabilities, net of acquisitions:   
 Accounts receivable (788)  (595)
 Inventories (560)  (159)
 Prepaid expenses and other assets (1,261)  2 
 Accounts payable 255   36 
 Accrued and other current liabilities 634   33 
 Other long-term liabilities 70   47 
Net cash provided by operating activities 1,731   1,874 
Cash flows from investing activities:   
 Proceeds from maturities of marketable securities 5,947   3,140 
 Proceeds from sales of marketable securities 1,029   358 
 Purchases of marketable securities (3,932)  (4,470)
 Purchases related to property and equipment and intangible assets  (361)  (298)
 Acquisitions, net of cash acquired (36)  - 
 Investments and other, net (35)  (2)
Net cash provided by (used in) investing activities 2,612   (1,272)
Cash flows from financing activities:   
 Proceeds related to employee stock plans 204   126 
 Payments related to repurchases of common stock (1,996)  - 
 Payments related to tax on restricted stock units (532)  (477)
 Dividends paid (100)  (99)
 Principal payments on property and equipment and intangible assets  (22)  (19)
 Other -   (2)
Net cash used in financing activities (2,446)  (471)
Change in cash and cash equivalents 1,897   131 
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period 1,990   847 
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period$3,887  $978 

 (In millions, except per share data)
     Three Months Ended
     May 1, January 30, May 2,
      2022   2022   2021 
 GAAP gross profit $5,431  $4,999  $3,629 
   GAAP gross margin  65.5%  65.4%  64.1%
  Acquisition-related and other costs (A)  94   86   87 
  Stock-based compensation expense (B)  38   39   25 
  IP-related costs   -   -   5 
 Non-GAAP gross profit $5,563  $5,124  $3,746 
   Non-GAAP gross margin  67.1%  67.0%  66.2%
 GAAP operating expenses $3,563  $2,029  $1,673 
  Acquisition termination cost  (1,353)  -   - 
  Stock-based compensation expense (B)  (540)  (512)  (404)
  Acquisition-related and other costs (A)  (55)  (70)  (80)
  Legal settlement costs  (7)  -   - 
 Non-GAAP operating expenses $1,608  $1,447  $1,189 
 GAAP income from operations $1,868  $2,970  $1,956 
  Total impact of non-GAAP adjustments to income from operations  2,087   707   601 
 Non-GAAP income from operations $3,955  $3,677  $2,557 
 GAAP other income (expense), net $(63) $(105) $88 
  Losses (gains) from non-affiliated investments  17   53   (134)
  Interest expense related to amortization of debt discount  1   -   1 
 Non-GAAP other income (expense), net $(45) $(52) $(45)
 GAAP net income  $1,618  $3,003  $1,912 
  Total pre-tax impact of non-GAAP adjustments  2,105   760   468 
  Income tax impact of non-GAAP adjustments (C)  (280)  (330)  (67)
  Domestication tax adjustments  -   7   - 
  Foreign tax benefit  -   (90)  - 
 Non-GAAP net income $3,443  $3,350  $2,313 
 Diluted net income per share (D)      
  GAAP  $0.64  $1.18  $0.76 
  Non-GAAP  $1.36  $1.32  $0.91 
 Weighted average shares used in diluted net income per share computation (D)  2,537   2,545   2,528 
 GAAP net cash provided by operating activities $1,731  $3,033  $1,874 
  Purchases related to property and equipment and intangible assets  (361)  (273)  (298)
  Principal payments on property and equipment and intangible assets  (22)  (21)  (19)
 Free cash flow  $1,348  $2,739  $1,557 
 (A) Acquisition-related and other costs are comprised of amortization of intangible assets, transaction costs and certain compensation charges presented in the following line items:
     Three Months Ended
     May 1, January 30, May 2,
      2022   2022   2021 
  Cost of revenue $94  $86  $87 
  Research and development $9  $9  $1 
  Sales, general and administrative $46  $61  $79 
 (B) Stock-based compensation consists of the following:  
     Three Months Ended
     May 1, January 30, May 2,
      2022   2022   2021 
  Cost of revenue $38  $39  $25 
  Research and development $384  $362  $276 
  Sales, general and administrative $156  $150  $128 
 (C) Income tax impact of non-GAAP adjustments, including the recognition of excess tax benefits or deficiencies related to stock-based compensation under GAAP accounting standard (ASU 2016-09).
 (D) Reflects a four-for-one stock split on July 19, 2021.

  Q2 FY2023
  ($ in millions) 
GAAP gross margin 65.1% 
 Impact of stock-based compensation expense, acquisition-related costs, and other costs 2.0% 
Non-GAAP gross margin 67.1% 
GAAP operating expenses$2,460  
 Stock-based compensation expense and acquisition-related costs (710) 
Non-GAAP operating expenses$1,750