Decide Proudly Announces Opening of New Austin, Texas, Hub

AUSTIN, Texas, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Decide Technologies Inc. (Decide) is proud to announce that the company has opened a new employee hub in Austin, Texas. The office is located in the East Austin neighborhood, which is among the fastest growing areas in the city.

The stand-alone office is housed in a two-story, 4,000-square-foot building that was designed to support Decide’s employee-first culture. The first floor is a social space with a bar, kitchen, and lounge, while the second floor is more traditional, populated with monitors and desks for focused, independent work.

Decide allows employees to work from anywhere with no in-person requirements. Its two hubs in St. Louis and Austin give team members the opportunity to socialize, collaborate, and build community.

“Fostering community unlocks high-functioning teams and helps create a bit of magic. While we firmly believe that no Decide employee should ever be required to step foot into an office, companies must also acknowledge that providing opt-in access to community-focused environments still matters,” said Gabe Lozano, Decide’s cofounder & CEO.

Lozano, who recently moved to Austin from St. Louis, said he has seen firsthand the benefit of providing space to collaborate.

“At our St. Louis hub, dozens of employees still come in for a periodic day — often just to see another friendly face — and a nice byproduct of those interactions has been helping a group of individuals jell into a championship-caliber team,” he said.

The opening of an additional hub reflects Decide’s recent growth, its ongoing success as a leader within ad tech, and its confidence in its recently debuted flagship technology, the Decision Marketplace, which crowdsources decisions to achieve better outcomes.

“Last year our headcount grew 58 percent, and revenue grew from $23.3 million to $32.2 million. It was a really strong financial year,” Lozano said. “Whenever we succeed, our first priority is to deepen the investment in our team. This new hub reflects that commitment.”

The Austin hub is located at 1408 East 6th Street and is open for use by Decide employees. In the near future, the company plans to use the space to host events for strategic partners and the broader Austin tech community.

Decide is an AI company that crowdsources decisions to achieve better outcomes. Its flagship technology, the Decision Marketplace℠, is an ever-growing marketplace of intelligent models that gets smarter with every addition. Today, the Decision Marketplace is powering Decide’s ad platform to offer brands and publishers a future-proof solution for a cookieless world, but in the coming years the company expects that the scope of its work will expand. Visit to learn more.

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